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If you, like me, take a lively interest in the trending currents in web design, then you’re on the right page. Odds are that large image and video backgrounds are going to be in even greater demand than over the past year. And if this trend continues, we are bound to expect some brand new techniques that optimize image loading speed, and responsive re-sizing.

To get a clear idea of how far we’ve come in a few years, consider the role of coding taking a back seat to streamlined web design. In the past, it was necessary to work with developers in order to export static designs into code. However, we now have the front office all for ourselves, and a multitude of platforms and themes that provide shortcodes and allow us to focus on design.

The Year of All-in-one Themes
To my mind, all web designers will be receptive to the idea of working with WP themes in 2015. By now, all the themes that are worth thinking about ensure that your website is going to be responsive on all browsers and devices. Even further, respectable themes also include type kits in their offer. However, the main purpose this year is to summon as many capabilities as possible into one powerful solution. As such, highly endowed WP themes will get a lot of attention.

X Theme: Always the Right Choice

I first heard about X Theme a few months ago, when I was looking up a good WordPress theme to use for a photography website, and discovered Ethos. If you didn’t know, Ethos, Renew, Icon, and Integrity are complete designs known as Stacks that help you create any type of website. Ethos is pushing imagery forward, while Renew is focused on flat design, Icon accentuates minimalism, and Integrity exudes sophistication. Each Stack is associated with a series of demos to inspire you, and more complete designs are coming soon.

ThemeForest singled out X Theme as the most rapidly selling product ever, and the praise for it is unanimous. Customers motivate their full rating with the theme’s heavy documentation and support service, as well as its outstanding versatility and diversity in features. Truth be told, X Theme has many styling, layout and navigation options, and it enables a live preview feature for your work in progress.

For the record, the theme includes 40 useful shortcodes and 600 Google fonts along with all weights and styles. And recently, version 3.0 surprised us with extended functions that are sure to raise awareness about unified WP themes this year.

Mighty Extensions from Themeco

Allow me to illustrate why you may want to give X Theme a shot this year. Themeco has either added some personalized plugins of their own creation, or collaborated with other specialists to bring you optimized versions of well-known WP plugins. What you get is a series of fabulous extensions that includes, but doesn’t stop at Disqus, Video Lock, Terms of Use, Olark, and MailChimp integration.

If it wasn’t for X Theme, a premium WP plugin would be priced between $50 and $200, so you save the amount of $1000, because the extensions are totally FREE of charge. Besides, they are optimized to increase your website performance, and not the other way around. However, first you have to make sure that you grab a unique copy, and then confirm your purchase. Given that, you unlock all extensions (including future ones) and automatic updates for for all lifetime.

Invite Discussions

As I’m sure you know, a web page where users don’t make their presence known is rather dull. It’s up to you to set the wheels in motion, and socially lubricate your website with a comment system that makes people feel welcome to mingle and share ideas.

Thank heavens for X Theme and its Disqus comments extension, because the native WP comment system is more or less obsolete. Disqus, on the other hand, gives you an easy way to configure and administer a comment section.

Offers in Motion

Do you wish to present your website users with a deal, and make sure that they stick around long enough to get the full picture? Nothing easier. Make a video and put it on display the X Theme way: use an engaging Video Lock.

Tell you video when to start playing on a locked page, and when you want the closing button to show up. Also, feel free to add a caption in the footer or header (and customize text color), not to mention designate an exact width for your video.

Lawful Registration

Your guests need to know what they’re getting themselves into, don’t they? Well, you had better let them know what your terms and conditions are, before letting them in the members area. X Theme made it easy for you to place a check box at the front door (it has native integration), and of course – a link to the actual Terms of use, in all their glory.

Visitors have no choice, but to check the box in order to complete their registration. If they don’t, a notice is sent, informing them of their error.

Set Up a Help Desk

Let’s be honest. We judge the products and services that we buy according to the quality of their support services. You’ll never use a WP theme that didn’t give you some answers in a timely manner. X Theme gets full rating after full rating, because it handles all customer calls really well.

What are you going to do about the client support service attached to your website? Themeco suggests you use Olark for that purpose. Sign up with the service, then stand by to receive a site ID and insert it in your plugin.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

What is the first thing that newcomers notice when they land on your homepage? The sign-up form that you’ve laid out for them. It’s paramount that you give your registration forms a grand look, so they lure more guest visitors and augment your member base.

MailChimp integration from X Theme aims to take care of that aspect in the most effortless way. You may customize your sign-up form with ease, and then use a template, widget, or shortcode function to decide where you want it to be on display.

More Surprises Coming Soon

I hope you enjoyed reading about X Theme and its extended functionality. If there is one theme that can’t ever disappoint in any respect, this is it. Chances are that we’ll be hearing more from Themeco in the near future, so stick around. My final advice is, don’t be a stranger to the new generation of WP themes that give you so much for so little. Not only are they a steal, but they can also help you deliver more excellent projects, in a shorter period of time.

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