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Yesterday I published a brand identity created by Craig Pinto. Today I am pleased to share a new project of him.

Craig: As a team, we really wanted to impress the World of Coca Cola folks and got really excited by the opportunity to make something awesome. We started our brainstorming over the emotional connection people all over the world share with Coca Cola. The tagline “The Story Starts With You” came to me as we continued to explore what connection is established between people and their favorite soda. The idea of Coca Cola, and belief system is generated with each individual… that means you!

Everyone shares a moment they have had with Coca Cola, so why not bring the family and share a new moment at the World of Coca Cola. We felt this had strong messaging as well as a fun tie-in to personifying your trip. What if you can see a glimpse of the World of Coke by creating your family with a character creator that will then start a short movie with your family. The characters could the represent users by matching profiles on social media, and using that visualization in advertising or merchandise. Imagine seeing your character on digital posters across town! Similarly, some of the current challenges presented to us was “How do we get people to come back?” Our answer was to use wearable technology.

We figured wristbands could keep trackers to deliver traffic data into which exhibits where most popular. We thought the bands could also be currency to purchase Coke products through any vending machine that showcases Coca Cola products. The user can also change colors, animation styles, and receive badges as to how many times you return to The World of Coke.















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