Why WordPress is the best choice for Startups

Thousands of business firms and individuals are coming up with decisions to launch their startups on every single day either by using the available products or without having any product. Regardless of all that, the initial choice they will always have to make is choosing the right back end type that one will need to run for their website. In the current times, there has never been any shortage of the custom-built content management system.

We will be able to see a significant result if we look at the overall open source CMS market share. WordPress is at the top of everyone else and their closest competitor is approximately 40% of the shares away from being close to the millions of wordpress websites is serving.

It will therefore mean that the startup owner will have lots of free stuff to start with since the size of the plug-in, premium WordPress themes and the WordPress communities are among some of the top attractions to this great content management system.

Here are some of the reasons why WordPress is considered as the best choice for startups.


As it has been mentioned in the paragraphs above, one of the major attractions of WordPress is the great number of plug-in and themes that can directly be downloaded from the WordPress dashboard. Until now, there are over 30,000 free and unique plug-in having as many as 3,000 free themes available. It is an ever increasing and ever growing market that is able to take away the need of hiring every developer for the little things that you are interested in accomplishing.

Multi-Purpose vs. One Page

The startups are all about product launches. In most cases, a start up will always go for a single page type of website that will either scroll down or offer everything that is within the scope of a single page. One great thing is that the WordPress is a great in coming up with such pages but the better thing is that the multipurpose WordPress themes will be able to extend the functionality.

MH Impact, one of our own themes is able to display this analogy action. You can display your content with much ease in a single page just as you would always do though you will have to get much more without having to make any extra changes to the style of your website.

Regulations and Code Quality

Today, most of the modern WordPress themes being released into the market are expert developers who are able to use all modern languages such as the JavaScript, HTML5 and CCS3. This means that there is no need to return to the old school programming and development process.

Optimized for Business

WordPress is all about sharing content. You are missing something big in case you are a start up and you are not running a content management strategy of some sorts. Content is considered to be one of the best methods you can generate more clicks and money. In case you are not able to get options you can use to optimize your blog that is contained in the WordPress theme, you can decide to select the great search engine WordPress plug-in that will be able to optimize your word press site in a few clicks.

Email Management

We have to give the WordPress email management options some credits according to the experience we have had in using it. Email will be one of your major methods of communicating to your clients as a start up owner hence; wordpress is considered one of the best choices for using the email management extensions and plugins.

Member Management

The WordPress operates as a standalone blogging platform but as it has been pointed out, it can be turned into a convenient startup website or a fully functional and bigger website. By default, WordPress allows membership options with the help of extra plug-in, you will be able to have your own members in no time.


Most clients are known to be confused whenever they are offered to have their sites develop using WordPress as its CMS. This is because WordPress started off as a free blogging platform hence most people assumed that it was never good enough. According to the reasons listed above, WordPress is today considered the best platform that can make your start up excel in a short time.

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