The Wonderful Experiences the Latest 20 Pre- Built Websites Bring to the Table

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Your clients will no doubt appreciate your keeping up with the latest design trends, even if they may not always be aware of everything those trends encompass.

Once they see what you are able to do with a Be Theme pre-built website, they can only assume that you are keeping fully abreast of the latest and greatest design themes.

In any event, they’ll be happy with the awesome websites you deliver, and you’ll be happy with how easy these pre-built websites make your web building efforts.

Every one of is completely customizable, and you can proceed from the first click to the last without any need for coding. There are 190+ to choose from, but the following 20 new releases should hold your interest for quite some time.

20 Pre-built Websites That Recently Hit the Market

Be Freelancer

A freelancer’s portfolio is key to gathering new clients. Be Freelancer, with its clear message and graphics background, focuses on telling a story that will gather in more clients and support more leads.

No matter what the topic, or what your client’s business happens to be, Be Theme’s collection of 190+ pre-built websites has just the right solution to fit your needs and that of your client’s. Y

You will in fact find many excellent solutions. You only have to pick those you like the best, and you really cannot make a poor choice.

The latest 20 releases are presented here for your review. Muffin Group, the creator of Be Theme, adds an average of 4 new pre-built websites to the collection each month.

When you take into account the fact that these websites are completely customizable, there are an unlimited number of design possibilities open to you.

A few websites are of a single page type, but most are multipage. Some best lend themselves to creative agencies, some are just right for entrepreneurial use, and more than a few can be applied to large corporate uses.

That said, let’s continue with the latest releases.

Be Lifestyle

If you are working on a lifestyle online project, whether it is in a blog or magazine format, check out Be Lifestyle – discover the way people and places fit so nicely, and the powerful imagery that makes you want to get up and go. This is truly an engaging website.

Be Toy

Be Toy shows how a web designer can go about the job professionally, and have fun doing so. Be Toy is a delightful website that features a clever use of space and colors throughout. Visit the product page to see one great way to present products that will make customers want to buy.


A VPN-dedicated website doesn’t have to be boring. Smart color choices and a nice placement of communications tools tell a story; while the glass of juice adds a cozy touch.

Be Music

If your client is a music studio, this fresh & intense web design would be hard to ignore. It combines a professional look with youthful energy and exuberance, and it captures what can actually take place when a session is underway.

Be Print

Be App2

Dedicated to a mobile app, Be App2 provides a great user experience with its stunning simplicity and clever imagery. It will definitely draw visitors in.

Be Accountant

Seemingly, but not completely, at random is how the objects in this Be Accountant pre-built website are placed. They tell a story of a professional hard at work; exactly what potential clients are looking for.

Be Holding

Tradition, history, and warmth combine to make this website about a serious-minded business completely engaging. This is an excellent example of how much information can be conveyed in a background image, yet it doesn’t take away from the UVP.

Be Pharmacy

With its friendly, professional theme and message, this e-commerce optimized pre-built website message exhibits an excellent use of space and image and content placement.

Be Sushi


Be Sushi’s outstanding culinary photography that showcases food items, and the clever use of a mini menu, will make potential customers hungry and this small business client happy.

Be Pets

Since so many Internet users are cat lovers, it only makes sense that one of the newest pre-built websites is dedicated to cats, and their owners. With its clean lines and super slideshow effects, this website provides the ideal basis for creating a super blog about our feline friends.

Be Tea

The Muffin Group creators of this web design definitely had a small, cozy tea shop in mind. The storyline is well defined, and the graphic elements provide a sense of vintage sights, tastes, and smells.

Be Kebab

Yet another fast-food website – this one appeals to the senses, while conveying a friendly, little-shop-around-the-corner message. Just the right solution for your fast-food business client.

Be Carpenter

This one-page pre-built website is ideal for a carpenter’s small business. The geometric design is warm, simple, and illustrates how parts are used to form structures.

Be Charity

Be Charity carries a particularly powerful message in a slideshow format. Any charitable organization could benefit by having a website like this to convey their message and their calls to action.

Be Retouch

This pre-built website, with its cool graphics and clear UVP, is dedicated to professional photo services. It tells everything a user needs to know for choosing the service. Note the use of parallax and mouse-over effects.

Be Mining

More than a few corporate clients would love this smart can casual pre-built website. The photography and the use of modern design lines creates a more approachable image that the usual corporate image, which all too often tends to be rather cold and formal.

Be Casino

Be Casino, fresh from the Be Theme creators, is a one page website dedicated to a casino club. It conveys all the information a user needs to know, together with a catchy UVP.


If you have a client that needs a HR agency website, this new pre-built website is straight and to the point with its clean lines, modern layout, and easy navigation.

Be Tiles

Be Tiles has tasteful web design. The UVP is backed up by background imagery that clearly puts a focus on interior design and the use of the product. The first place the visitor is pointed toward is the gallery.

Just How Easy It is to Install and Edit a Be Theme Pre-made Layout

When you first open a box or download a new web building tool, the first thing you do is look for the user manual. With Be Theme, all that is needed is a single click to install a pre-built website. A few more clicks, and you’re off on your first page-building adventure. The video shows you how easy it all is.

The video moves along quickly, but you can as well, and you’ll be doing so in no time at all. All of BeTheme’s features work that way – easy and intuitive.

The Wonderful Core Features that Make Be Theme Click

There are at present 40 powerful core features you can use to create one awesome website after another with Be Theme’s pre-built websites. The most highly used are highlighted below; but Be’s frequent updates, and top-of-the-line support, should also be mentioned. All in all, your web building experience will be a great one.

  • Muffin Builder 3 gives you the ability to drag and drop your way through one amazing design to the next. Like the other Be’s core features, Muffin Builder is delightfully easy to use.
  • Be’s Admin Panel makes page building even easier and faster, and it keeps your design on track as you speed along. The Admin Panel and Muffin Builder make up a powerful productivity-enhancing duo.
  • Thanks to the Shortcode Generator, no coding is necessary; no matter how complex or detailed your web design may be. The generator comes with a library of shortcodes that will satisfy your every need.
  • Once in a while, or perhaps quite often, you’ll want to build a page from scratch. Starting from a blank canvas can be a problem for some. That is definitely not the case when you have the Layout Configurator in your toolkit. It will help you set up the layout you want in nothing flat.

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the latest pre-built website releases, it’s time to click on one or two of the accompanying links and check out a website in greater detail. While you’re at it, you can browse Be’s entire collection of pre-built websites. You’ll soon see why Be Theme is the biggest WordPress theme ever – and also the most popular, according to its huge user base.

These websites have been professionally designed with professional web designers like you in mind. Small business owners love what these websites offer, and what you, with a little help from Be Theme, can do with them.

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