Why Pre-Built Websites are the Next Big Thing

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Conventional approaches to website design and development typically follow one of three paths:

  • The website design is done by a designer or design team, after which the project is turned over to developers for completion.
  • The total effort is done by an individual or a team.
  • Website requirements are firmed up, after which design and development is turned over to a third party.

Now there is a better way. It is faster and more affordable. Once the basic concept for a website is visualized, the project is initiated by installing an easy-to-edit, customizable, pre-built website.

This approach has several advantages:

  • Wireframing is no longer necessary. A conceptual design and a base layout are automatically put in place.
  • Websites, whether they are simple or complex, can be created faster than ever.
  • Pre-built websites make it easier to create a high-quality product in a shorter time, allowing you to make a nice profit; even on low budget projects.

A sampling of pre-built websites (source: Be WordPress Theme)








Web Design








A Smart Approach – Install a BeTheme Pre-made Website, and Edit it with Muffin Builder 3

You’ve seen the examples, visit the BeTheme website and you can browse all 155 of them, 119 of which are multiple-page websites. All you have to do is pick the one you want, and install it with just 1 click.

Now the fun begins. It’s time to let Muffin Builder 3 and BeTheme’s powerful core features help you build a website, design element by design element and a click at a time.

View the video to see how quick and easy it is to create a website. You may not be able to achieve or sustain the page building speed as demonstrated in the 1 minute and 40 second video. Creating a quality website in a matter of hours that will make any client a satisfied client is a realistic objective however.

Muffin Builder 3 has a clean user interface that is so easy to follow it practically takes you by the hand. The new Wraps section gives you the freedom to create advanced content that will amaze your website’s visitors. Wraps also makes it easier to quickly locate items you wish to include in your design.

Muffin Builder has always been popular. It is a premium editor and page builder. With this latest version it is expected to be more popular and widely used than ever.

What Be Theme’s Core Features Enable You to Accomplish


Bigger does not always mean better. But when bigger means 40 valuable core features, a host of pre-built websites, and over 22,000 copies sold, you are definitely looking at a product that offers a better approach to website building. BeTheme’s website-building approach is the next big thing. Be’s core features make building beautiful websites that will appeal to clients and customers alike an easy task – and a fun one as well.

The spotlight is currently on Be’s 155 pre-built websites – a potential game changer. This pre-built website approach is a time saver. Select one of the 119 these pre-built websites featuring multiple pages, and you will save even more time.


  • Install a pre-built website, and you are off to a fast start. Muffin Builder 3, the crowd favorite, makes it easy to maintain that momentum. If you are a Visual Composer user, you can use it as with Be as well — or use both.
  • If you prefer to start with a blank screen, it’s not a problem. Simply select one of the base grids, select a layout or sidebar configuration and/or one of 13 header styles, and you are off and running. You can even use a pre-built website image as a background image and eventually replace it with one of your own.
  • The number of design possibilities is unlimited. Be’s core features include a shortcode generator with 200 shortcodes that speed up the page-building process, a 1 click skin generator with 12 skins to choose from, unlimited colors, parallax effect, and video backgrounds.
  • Be also enables you to incorporate any combination of Responsive, SEO, Retina, RTL, WPML, or WooCommerce ready features.

What the Users Have to Say

Feature availability and the degree of customization possible are two themes that are repeated over and over in user comments and feedback. Many comment on the flexibility Be offers, others like Be’s quality and the quality of the products it is capable of producing.

Be’s users are a happy lot. The authors of this premium WordPress theme are determined to keep things that way.

A sampling of what BeTheme users have to say:





Customer Feedback and Support

Customer’s suggestions and feedback are taken seriously, and are often reflected in the theme’s updates. User questions and problems are taken every bit as seriously. Customer support is but a click away. If you have a question or an issue that requires resolution you can expect prompt, courteous service. You can expect to be treated like a professional, by a professional.




Starting with a pre-built website may be the next big thing in the website design and development world. The time savings can be huge and lead to significant improvements in productivity and profits.

In fact, the combination pre-built websites, intuitive page building tools, and all of the design elements and special features you will ever need, should make BeTheme the biggest WordPress theme for a long time to come.

Visit Be’s website, watch the video (one more time), try one or more of the demos, and join the ranks of happy users.


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