Which are The Best Anticipated Android Wear Apps Worth Downloading And Why?

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Smart watches are something that might not attract you at the first instance due to its usability in question. However, once you get in touch with it, you cannot help but getting one for yourself and wearing it on your wrist as soon as possible. With plenty of Android Wear devices to choose from ranging from LG, Samsung, and Motorola to many others, you can expect Android apps for smartphone working across all the Android wear smart watches. In fact, as of today, there is an independent section of Android wear content as well as apps present inside the Google Play Store.

Developers,who create apps for Google Android Wear SDK, do modifications in the original ones to integrate easily with the smart watches. Do you own an Android wear smart watch? Would you like to know the best apps to use this year? Let us find out.

BBM View

After millions of downloads across the globe, here comes the BBM app to Android wear devices. It helps pushing notifications and alerts. Users can read inbox messages, dismiss within one swipe, or read the messages. With support for Google Now, users can even use their voices to respond on BBM.

Pinterest View

Pinterest has emerged as a major social networking platform on Android wear beating out G+, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn. Until the latter four platforms enter the Android wear arena, it will be interesting to see Pinterest enjoying its own share of space. Get informed via notifications while someone interacts with your pin boards.

Duolingo View

Learn a new language every single day with brief lessons. Once you see yourself floating with the service, you will be prompted to learn a new language each day, something that will be difficult for you to avoid.

The Guardian View

One of the most popular news app will now have Android Wear compatibility. Get notified every minute with news related to latest events or happening taking place globally. See what is currently going worldwide happening right on your wrist.

1Weather View

It is among the most popular weather apps you see on Google Play Store. Have information related to the situation outside, whether there will be rain or not, check weather manually to see whether it is feasible to go out or not.

Flopsy Droid View

Yes, you have guessed right. This is a wonderful Flappy Bird clone, called as Flopsy Droid. It is exactly similar to the former one, with the only difference that the later one played on your wrist that quite certainly is very impressive. The other minute difference that you might tend to notice is the Android Mascot himself in place of the Flappy Bird. You might not find it impressive in terms of graphics, but how amazing it turns out to be when the story behind it is revealed. A German student studying Computer Science, known as Sebastian Mauer, completes this game meant for wrist in just couple of days.

Google Maps & Hangouts View


Google always strives for best to have its own apps usable on possibly every single technological platform. With the help of voice commands, give replies and even get Hangouts related notifications. From now on, do not get lost, as well as no need to take out your phone and look for directions. Just have a look at your wrist and find out where you are and where you plan to go.

Share your best apps in the comments. We will keep you updated with Android wear apps on a regular basis at every single point of time. What are you waiting for? Grab your Android smart watch, head on to Google Play Store, and download the above apps.


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