How Some Well Known Pop-Culture Characters Would Have Looked Several 100 Years Ago

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Gentleman Ranger
Colonel Tik-Tok
Spider Sailor
Bat Brueghel
Sir Skeletor
Optimus Prime With Sunflower
Duke R2-D2
Iron Man

Wytrab8 aka White Rabbit aka Hillary White is the creator of these amazing digital paintings. In it she recreates some of the well known pop cultures characters in styles inspired by painters who lived several 100 years ago. For example, a painting of Batman inspired by Anthony Van Dyck, Kermit inspired by Frans Hals, R2-D2 inspired by Francois-Xavier Fabre, and much more. In this post some of the paintings, be sure to visit her DeviantArt profile to view all of them, or visit her Society6 profile if you’d like to buy one of these.














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