Webydo Launches A Pixel­Perfect Responsive Design Editor

Webydo, the community ­led cloud platform that empowers graphic and web designers to create and manage advanced business websites for their clients without writing code, is announcing the launch of the first Pixel­Perfect Responsive Editor that disrupts website creation in the multi­screen era.


Webydo is made by designers, for designers. In a radically democratic process, Webydo’s roadmap is determined by its designer community, who requested and voted for the development of the Pixel­Perfect Responsive Editor. This revolutionary editor lets designers create advanced responsive sites for their clients with total creative freedom, without writing code and offers:

  • PIxel­Perfect Precision: Designers can scale and adopt their website design to fit all devices available today and in the future with pixel­perfect accuracy
  • Unified Management: Designers can efficiently manage all the site’s content from one place, preventing duplicated content that hurts SEO ranking
  • Code­Free Breakpoints: Designers have complete control over the site’s layouts, content, navigation, and functionality across all platforms using code­free breakpoints
  • Total Design Flexibility: Designers can decide which design elements to add, delete, or replace in each site version in order to optimize their clients’ sites for better mobile user experience
  • Automatic image optimization: Every image is optimized and a different image version is loaded according to the user’s screen

In the past, creating a responsive site meant designers had to manually convert their static graphic design into code in a process that cost more than 70% of the website creation budget. This slow and complex process prevented designers from experiencing their design in action and limited the creative control designers had over the design, functionality and user experience of their sites when presented on different screens and devices.

We live in a multi­screen era and we expect optimal viewing experience on every device.Shmulik Grizim, Webydo’s Co­founder and CEO

Webydo’s pixel­perfect responsive editor is completely code­free and provides designers with total control over their design compositions in absolute units, which enables the creation of innovative sites with advanced features such as Parallax Scrolling Animation.

Webydo Showcase

Webydo Showcase

Webydo Showcase

With more than 110K designers, design studios, and web design agencies and a rapid growth of 285% over the past six months, Webydo is one of the fastest growing designer communities on the web. Following a game-changing series B investment of $7M led by OurCrowd and Magana Ventures, Webydo doubled its development team in order to implement more then 400 advanced web design features requested by its designer community, including the highly awaited pixel-perfect responsive editor.

Webydo’s full B2B solution empowers graphic and web designers to bring any web design to life, creating and managing uniquely designed responsive websites from scratch without writing code, with a built­in CMS and SEO management tools, e­commerce, parallax scrolling animation, full white label, a client billing system and many other professional web design features.

I’ve written several times about Webydo, because I really like what they are doing. So if you just started your design career and don’t have a portfolio yet, check them out, it’s free!

Webydo Showcase

Webydo Showcase

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