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As you know HTML5 and CSS3 are totally transforming the web, with all the awesome options they offer. Together with the help of some scripts you will be able to make your beautiful webpages work in older browsers as well. With these Cheat Sheets you’ll find every piece of code you’ll need when you’re stuck.

HTML5 - Cheat Sheet

HTML5 - Visual Cheat Sheet

HTML5 - Canvas Cheat Sheet

CSS3 - Cheat Sheet

jQuery 1.4 - Cheat Sheet

jQuery 1.4 API - Cheat Sheet

Mootools 1.2 - Cheat Sheet

HTML - Character Entities Cheat Sheet

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Houke de Kwant is a frontend developer from the Netherlands and the creator of TheArtHunters (former Daily Inspiration, which was started as part of his study).

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