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Wear It Berlin is the first festival for wearables technology in the city. The event, put together by Thomas Gnahm and his team, was held at the Betahaus coworking space- a pure delight for DIYers! Wearables as much as the smart city and the advent of the internet of things seems to be the buzzword of recent months in the design community. The event involved talks, workshops and obviously, being in Berlin, a party with gigs, lasers, small exhibition and LED jackets.





The welcome talk was held by Thomas Gnahm introducing the crowd to the event as well as to what he became famous for, the Trafo Pop. Trafo Pop is a collective of artist that also happen to be bike lover. Add to this a passion for old school motorcycle jacket and LEDs and you get a creative gang covering Berlin’s nights in colourful joy.



Becky Stuart, did rang a bell in my head but I wasn’t quite sure. Then as she introduced herself as the founder of Codasign everything became clear- that’s where I took my first introduction to Processing! Codasign is just the surface of an incredible portfolio of work. The Human Arp is an ongoing research project in making public infrastructure, bridges, in gigantic instruments. Metaprojection Jacket is a jacket with embedded cameras worn by Jaques Greenes at Tate Modern, the stream from the camera was projected on the museum’s walls allowing the crowd to see what the artist was seeing. She was also the technologist curating  the brilliant project led by Dominic Wilcox, GPS shoes.



Leslie Birch is a ‘tech geisha’, a proactive woman working endlessly to make the wearable tech a reality. She created the FLORAbrella, award winning umbrella matching the user’s clothing colour. Also the Orbit Skirt made quite some online buzz, a skirt that shows the orbit of the International Space Station. She is also a blogger for one of my favourite online shops and platforms, Adafruit.




Kate Hartman is an artist, lecturer and researcher based in Canada. Her talk, named Social Wearables, was an insightful collection of personal project spanning from glacial embracing suits, inquisitive devices, wearable wall apparatus and body centric technology. Her speculative approach to design aims to study and develop the way tech relates to people. She just published a new book called Make: Wearable Technology that aims at putting together years of experience, projects, techniques, tutorials, tips and practice in the field.


Graham and his team have just launched a new platform for makers in the wearable technology field. If you too are developing a project that involves wearable technology in any shapes or forms or already have some amazing projects under your belt submit them here to get promoted, get in contact with like-minded designers, develop your project further or just get some feedback on your creation. Talking to Graham, he liked to stress how he wants to create “a platform to network people with expertise in different fields in order to facilitate the successful execution of any projects!“

What are you waiting for?

Submit your spaceship hat, nuclear fusion jacket concept, projector scarf idea or the next 3d printed-waterproof shoes to be put in contact with people that can help you bring your idea to life!

Now go out and create !

Cover photo credits: © Michael Wittig, Berlin 2014

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