Want To Be A Pro Graphic Designer? These 7 Hacks Will Help You

It takes around 10,000 hours to become a master at anything. Being a professional has its own benefits. The path to success takes a lot of time and patience. There are tons of steps that overlap and make things challenging.

Graphic designing is an area where there is a lot of room for improvement. The novice graphic designers can advance if they focus their efforts on the end-goal, which is to become a pro and charge a high-fee for designing world-class graphics.

However, just like everything else, to get better at graphic designing takes a lot of effort and improving skills is one prime necessity.

At times the designer gets direct feedback easily from the client, while other times the feedback comes from the stakeholders and the employees. Every feedback is important. Here are some of the best creative graphic designers in the present market who has flawless designs on their websites are as under:

  • 1. Pentagram
  • 2. Landor
  • 3. Meta Design
  • 4. The Chase
  • 5. Happy Cog

1. Pick a Color Theme first

Before working on any project, it is best advised to stick to few colors. Understand the brief of the client. Research the background of the client and pick 2-3 colors which are relevant to the client’s background.

It is important to know that not all the colors will match with the shapes and typography that you will use. That’s why it is good to pick and choose colors first so that the overall design looks professional and uninformed.

It will save you a lot of time to look for alternative colors or matching colors. Look for colors that complement each other and which of the colors will look good on various backgrounds?

2. Use a Grid to align everything

Our brains are trained to follow a pattern. Anything other than ordinary and our brain will pick it up. Instead of using randomness to align your images, it is best to use a grid to align all your images. And not just images the text and the shapes when aligned in a grid will give a positive feeling to the visitor.

3. Sketch it before you use a computer

I’ve worked for a design agency for a year. And what I loved about that agency was the level of details they put while designing anything new. It was basically a top-notch custom logo design agency and they start every project by first jotting everything down on paper.

The process starts by sketching variations in everything. From fonts to colors to shapes. Everything when sketched on paper ignites more creativity and we used to come up with more variations because everything was there right in front of our eyes.

4. Make Good use of Shadows

Sometimes it is the shadows that make certain elements in your design stand out from the rest. You must figure out how shadows can uplift some of the elements in your design.

Forget the drop shadows, now is the time for subtle shadows. Whether it is a tagline or a menu on top, if you use subtle shadows it will stand out on the page and look good. Professional designers know how to use subtle shadows and you can learn to use it too.

5. Steal like an artist

No, I am suggesting stealing everything from one designer. If you rob from one artist you’ll be blamed for stealing, but if you take inspiration from several designers, you’ll be labeled as an artist.

A good way to take inspiration from several designers is to pick and choose various elements of the design. Look at some famous graphic designers and study their work. Pick one element from each designer and see how they are using it. Gather all the elements and soon people will start labeling you as a professional designer.

6. Bookmark the good stuff

While doing the research bookmark good websites, tutorials, and how-to videos from anyone you love.

Ideas often strike when our minds are in a relaxed state. You cannot wait for inspiration, you must work hard to generate inspiration. And when you start reading the good stuff, mind often gets more creative.

Make it a habit of bookmark everything that touches your heart. Whatever you like take it and let the mind do the creative part.

7. Practice everyday

If you are serious about being a pro, you must develop a habit to practice every day.

This is the core difference between a beginner and the pro. The beginner looks for shortcuts while a pro is hungry enough to take everything that comes along the way.

Ensure that you’re learning something new every single day. Take time to analyze your work and see what seems wrong. Sit with an expert and ask him/her for a critical view on your work.

Once you know your weaknesses, take time every day to work on that weakness. If you practice every day, this will make you learn more about yourself. And once you know what is wrong with you, it will be easier for you to improve.


Anyone can turn into a pro. The only requirement is hard work. Be mindful with your practice and soon you’ll start giving results that will astonish you too.

If you’re serious about turning into a pro, take these hacks seriously. These hacks will transform your learning and take you to the next level.

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