The Visions Project

The Visions Project is a comprehensive detailed collection comprised of a full 78 card tarot deck and a series of 23 prints. The Visions Project was inspired in large part by the Light Visions Tarot Deck, a set of 78 cards James R. Eads began creating over a year ago. The tarot deck is a unique and whimsical play on the classic tarot deck and features hand-drawn highly detailed cards. Despite the small frame of the cards, each was executed on such a large scale that the cards have developed into individual works of art. The Light Visions tarot deck has inspired James to create limited edition full color prints, The Prisma Visions Collection, based on the tarot deck. This deck has also further inspired a series of one of a kind tarot tessellation collages made of repurposed cards.


My name is James R. Eads, I’m a Los Angeles based Illustrator  and I’ve just announced my most ambitious project yet, The Visions Project. The Project is a collection of 23 high quality art prints and a full 78 card tarot deck. I’ve been working on the Visions Project for the past year and I am extremely excited to finally be able to share it with the public. Because of the sheer size of the project, I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with the funding.






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