Visions of the Future – a holiday to… Mars?

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How would you like it to book a ticket to one of the planets in our galaxy? Hard to imagine right now of course, but let’s for a moment, think that it was as easy as taking a plane to another country. There would be travel agencies organizing trips to those planetsĀ and they would probably made some advertisement posters to get our attention. At least, here in the Netherlands you would see the travel related posters throughout the country, mostly at public transport stops. And if they used the posters as made by NASA, I am sure they would get a lot of attention. Check them out below, and let us know what you think!

Oh, and if you like these posters, they’re all available in high res TIFF files.















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Houke de Kwant is a frontend developer from the Netherlands and the creator of TheArtHunters (former Daily Inspiration, which was started as part of his study).

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