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If you’ve ever gone away for a holiday, you probably know what the vacation blues are. Once you come home from your far-flung destination, the everyday realities of life kick in. The good news is that you could always visit your favourite country again in the future. You could also incorporate the vibrancy and aesthetic of that destination’s décor in your home.

Add a bit of spice in your home with colourful tiles that are inspired from different countries around the world. You definitely don’t have to look far to buy these tiles. Do a bit of research and digging around to find a local tile supplier that designs or stocks Moroccan or Portuguese tiles. Regardless of the type of tile you need, it’s not difficult to find porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles in rich colours and patterns today. Below, we’ll talk about the tiles that originate from different countries that can evoke memories of your vacation in your own home.


Moroccan Tiles

If you’re someone who likes neutral and subtle décor, then Moroccan tiles are definitely not for you. These striking handcrafted tiles usually have contrasting colour combinations and intricate patterns. They’re also known to have motifs of flowers. You’ll see rich colours like red, orange, green, blue and purple in these tiles. Moroccan tiles can be seen on several surfaces like floors, walls, mirrors, counter and table tops and fountains.


Portuguese Tiles

In Portugal, the Azulejo (tile) is a decorative art that can be seen just about anywhere. Azulejos are integral in the country’s architecture and culture. They blanket fountains, shops, churches, subway stations and houses. Azulejos usually portray centuries of the country’s history or simply beautiful landscapes. When travelling through Portugal, you’ll see that blue and white is a common colour combination in Portuguese tiles. It’s no surprise that many tourists end up buying a tile as a souvenir before they leave the country.


Talavera Tiles

Talavera tiles are handcrafted, ceramic tiles that originate from Mexico. Just like in Portugal, Talavera tiles are dominant in many spaces in Mexico. They’re seen in ordinary homes and outdoor spaces like on fountains and churches. Talavera tiles are typically dressed in colours like blue, yellow, green and red. The most common motifs on these tiles include animals, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Since Talavera tiles are handcrafted, they’ll vary in size, colour and texture.


How to Decorate Your Home with Vibrant Tiles

  • Brighten up your kitchen backsplash with Moroccan tiles. If you don’t want to overwhelm your kitchen with these tiles, the backsplash is a reasonably sized surface to place them
  • Layer them onto your staircase for an unexpected pop of texture
  • Make a bold impression for your guests by tiling your entrance way
  • Transform a dull bathroom into a beautiful space by tiling the floors with Moroccan tiles
  • Got a fireplace? Think about tiling the wall above the fireplace with Portuguese tiles to really make it stand out in your space
  • Transform your backyard into a Moroccan-inspired oasis. Lay down colourful tiles on the steps and add furniture and fabrics that complement the theme
  • Lay them in your bathroom as an accent wall for the shower

Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Vibrant & Patterned Tiles

If you don’t want to make a room look too busy or overwhelming with colours and patterns, keep the rest of the room (furniture, fixtures, cupboards, etc.) neutral. Choose a pattern you truly love. You don’t want to pick tiles just because they’re “in” and find yourself bored of looking at them soon after. But what if you actually love a couple of designs and patterns? You can make a patchwork of patterned tiles as an accent wall or for flooring. Pick tiles that are the same size and contain colours that complement each other.

If you have a small kitchen, avoid tiles that have really busy designs and patterns since they could make your kitchen look smaller than it actually is. Combining decorative walls and floors in a kitchen could potentially make your kitchen look cluttered. Consider having a patterned wall or floor, not both.

Bring Home Memories of Your Trips with Beautiful Tiles

If you ever find yourself daydreaming about your adventures you had somewhere in the world, this is just one way to keep those memories with you. Even if you can’t hop on a plane and go back to your favourite destination, at least you could bring a little bit of it back into your home.

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