Un-Meant Mongol Rally with Mattia Bernini

By now, the name Mattia Bernini aka Visual Addicted should start sound familiar to you if you visit our blog regularly. He wrote three (Day 1Day 2Day 3) posts about the OFFF Festival and another post about a lecture by Tim Walker. Over the next few weeks you will see his name appearing in more posts on DI. This is because of a project he’s currently doing. Basically he’s taking part in the MongolRally. He’s driving from London to Mongolia with an old car. I had the opportunity to meet with him and two of his friends when they were in Rotterdam last weekend. (They drove from France, through Belgium to the Netherlands and by now they’re in Berlin, Germany). Before I write more about the project, first take a look at some of the photos I made of the car they’re driving in…

The front of the car

Inside the car

The hood of the car

The roof of the car

The left side of the car

The back of the car

The right side of the car

The car has been incredibly illustrated by some of the most famous and talented illustrators in London: Andrew Rae and Jim Stoten, people that usually works for Vice, The Times etc… As well as Laura Bird who painted the interior and Adam who wrote all the names of the donors. In this adventure it’s Mattia and Sofie, a model from Sweden together they are the Un-Meant team (Facebook). Here you can see some work they did together.

The car

The car

Working on the car

All throughout the journey they will produce stunning images in incredible places. Photography will be the main focus as well as driving. But the images need to have an output somehow. And that’s where DI fits in. Over the next week, through the whole summer you can follow Mattia here. Every once in a while (when they have images to share and an internet connection to contact me) I will update a new post with the experiences of them so far.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

On top of all this, the project is part of a charity and they are raising money for a charity. Currently they have two big sponsors (Millepiedi association and Arancina Restaurant) and they did several projects to gain money.  The two charities are Lotus Child a non-profit, non-government organisation working with vulnerable children and families to provide the basic human rights of shelter, food and education and REF, Renewable Energy Foundation is a UK registered charity promoting sustainable development for the benefit of the public by means of energy conservation and the use of renewable energy. 

Work in Progress

Work in progress

If you want to help them, you can sponsor them here, and ofcourse, a simple share of this post is also a great way to help them gaining more attention for their journey!


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