Twenty foot chalk memorial at Citi Field honors 9/11 victims

Late Tuesday evening, a group of Miami Ad School students spray chalked a tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks at Citi Field. Mets fans exiting the subway will be greeted with an over twenty-foot rendition of the home team’s logo, but with a poignant addition to the skyline: the silhouette of the twin towers. Underneath, a message to “Never Forget.”

“We thought there was a special significance to this home game, an opportunity that couldn’t be missed,” the students explained. “In twelve years life has returned to normal, people are enjoying the city again, but we wanted to remind everyone to keep their thoughts with those we lost that day.”


  • Stefan Haverkamp (Instructor) 
  • Evan Barkoff
  • Jimmy Morrissey
  • Temnete Sebhatu
  • Joe Russomano
  • Kelsey Stalnaker
  • Jesselle Valdes
  • Livia Saad



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