Tutorial: Firework Typography

Today I have a great tutorial, brought to you by nagiViTy, a designer who has brought us a lot of inspiration, case studies and tutorials. In this tutorial he’ll show you how you can make a great typography poster with firework effects. For this tutorial you need 4 stockphotos and one custom, free font: Stock1Stock2Stock3Stock4 – Font. (they will be mentioned in the steps when you need them)



Final Result



Step 1
Open Photoshop and create a new, document, the one I’m using is 3000×2000 pixels.


Step 2
Fill the background layer with #ffc377


Step 3
Open Stock , copy and paste.

Stock : http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs15/f/2007/097/c/f/Firework_by_Shannon1000.jpg


Step 4
When you paste, rename layer “fireworkphoto1” and change Blend Mode to “Screen”

Next download the Haus Sweet Haus “FONTS” – http://www.dafont.com/haus-sweet-haus.font

Take the text tool “t” and type fireWork.

Rename text layer “FIREWORK”.


Step 5
Duplicate text layer and rename “FIREWORK COPY”, Opacity 100% – Fill 0%, and open Layer Style, click to Stroke, Size 3px, Position – Outside, Blend Mode- Normal, Opacity – 100%, White Color.


Step 6
Move the FIREWORK copy layer below the FIREWORK layer


Step 7
Create new layer and rename Reflect, Opacity 55%, Fill 100%, Blend Mode “Screen”


Step 8
Now go to ‘FIREWORK copy layer’ and Duplicate, rename ‘FIREWORK copy 2’ and moves up as Reflect.


Step 9
Open Stock, copy and paste.
Stock : http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs22/f/2008/016/e/2/Firework_by_Mookeynuts.jpg


Step 10
When you paste Rotate, rename layer “fireworkphoto2”, change Blend Mode “Screen”.


Step 11
Duplicate layer and move.


Step 12
Open Stock, copy and paste.
Stock : http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs15/f/2007/059/d/a/firework_as_a_rose_by_mayoofka.jpg


Step 13
When you paste, rename layer “fireworkphoto3”, change Blend Mode “Screen”


Step 14
Duplicate layer,do on all sides


Step 15
Merge “fireworkphoto3” Duplicate and rename “fireworkphoto3Merge”


Step 16
Create new layer, rename “Lens Flare”, fill layer with black, go on Filter /Render /Lens Flare – Brightness 68% , 105mm Prime.



Step 17
Now go to Fliter / Blur /Gaussian Blur – Radius:15.5 pixels.


Step 18
Scale and change Blend Mode to “Screen”, Opacity 90%, 4 Duplicate’s and do on all sides & merge, rename “‘2’ Lens Flare copy”



Step 19
Open Stock, copy and paste.
Stock : http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/214/1/e/Firework_by_Datman125.jpg


Step 20
When you paste, rename layer “fireworkphoto3”, change Blend Mode “Screen”


Step 21
Create new layer, rename “half circle”, create a “half circle” with ‘Elliptical Marquee Tool’ – keyboard “M”, fill with black color, Opacity 100%, Fill 0%, open Layer Style – click Inner Shadow / Blend Mode Normal , Black Color / Opacity 100% / Distance 31px / Choke 1% / Size 5%.


Step 22
Create new layer fill with Black, rename to “Black color”, change Blend Mode to “Overlay”, Opacity 55%.




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