Trouble In Paradise – Volume 2

Trouble In Paradise by Christoph Martin Schmid, as promised here is volume 2 – A portrait of post modern civilisation in the face of greed, ambition and paranoia.

In todays western civilization dominated by the paradigm of individualisation the individual strives for perfection in the creation of his project of life. But only minor incidents and disturbing factors confront the person concerned with the fact that even a liberal and engineered world does not permit the utmost control over every single detail. The recently completed series of images Trouble in Paradise is particularly rich in detail and multifaceted. Its idyllic imagery allures the observer, captures his interest but only to turn him into a witness of human failure. Schmid ventures out on a complex research to find his landscapes and settings in which he arranges the perceived normality through a refined lighting concept – the idyllic setting serves as a contrast to the tragedy of the portrayed action.”













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