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Email marketing is a unique way of directly reaching out to the clients through email for the promotion of a particular company or its services and products, thereby seeking more business opportunities. These email lists can be both of the loyal clients and of other potential clients. Many of us suffer from the wrong conception that email marketing is an expensive affair that requires the webmaster to invest a lot of money. However, this is not the reality as with the latest range of plugins from WordPress this task has become much easier. If these plugins are installed in a site, then you will be able to build a long list of email subscribers automatically and without incurring any extra cost. Here is a list of the top six email marketing WordPress plugin in this genre that you should think about integrating in your website.


ALO EasyMail Newsletter (free) Visit plugin page»

ALO EasyMail NewsletterThis is by far the best WordPress plugin in this genre and the most favorite of the WordPress developer. In this single plugin you are going to find out some of the most favorite email marketing tools which will handle all the aspects of email marketing on its own and would not require you to spend extra time on it. Thus the whole process will be handled with efficiency and in a much less time. Furthermore, the users also have the option of customizing the appearance of this application and integrate an Ajax widget.


Subscribe Popup ($8,-) Visit plugin page»

Subscribe PopupSubscribe Popup can efficiently take care of each and every aspect of email marketing without any sort of human interference. Once this plugin is installed in the website, it will pop up every time a visitor visit your website and ask for basic information such as email id and name. When such information is furnished by the clients, it is automatically saved in the database from where it can be accessed at any point of time and can be exported to other system as well, thus making the daunting task of collecting email ids of potential customers easy.


Newsletter (free) Visit plugin page»

This is one of the most renowned email marketing tools that can handle many aspects of email marketing such as subscription widget and personalized setting that will be much more beneficial for the webmaster as well as the clients. Moreover, this plugin also comes with a tool whereby you will be able to keep a close eye on the various aspect of email marketing i.e. conversion rates and other aspects easily as this plugin automatically calculates such figures and store it in the database of the system.


Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPress ($16,-) Visit plugin page»

Subscriber Traffic Pop for WordPressThis plugin will turn the entire traffic of the website into a potential email listing that in turn boost return of the company from the email marketing. This plugin is compatible with all the browsers like Google chrome, Internet explorer, Opera and others. The WordPress developer will be able to build a HTML5 subscription form by using it and store all the data automatically.


WP Autoresponder and Newletter Plugin (free) Visit plugin page»

If you are looking forward to getting more details about the clients and not just the email id and name, then this is the perfect tool that will help you in accomplishing this task. This application comes with a subscription widget whereby you can cerate a personalized contact form for gathering more information. Moreover, with this tool the webmaster can also send across emails to the whole clientele within a few minutes. Thus it is one of the most sought after WordPress plugins that can perform many tasks.


My Mail ($25,-) Visit plugin page»

MyMailThis is an extremely simple WordPress plugin with user friendly interface. With the help of this tool the webmaster will be able to form, send and even track the newsletters that are sent to different clients efficiently.


If you are thinking of integrating an email marketing plugin in your wordpress website, then these are undoubtedly some of the best email marketing WordPress plugins that are available to the potential users that can fetch the best result.

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