Top 10 Websites of this Week (wk. 25/2018)

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These days we have to process a lot of information. Without giving our permission to everything we hear and see a lot of stuff coming trough and allthough we are not fully aware of that information, we still have to proces it. The same thing can happen with your website. You visitor knows in two seconds if they want to stay or not, so your design is very important to keep your visitor there. This kind of design is called Attention Driven Design. It means that your visitor has to see a call to action immediately. A nice design and contrast can help with that. It can be playful or in a very clear way, make sure this call to action is one of the first things your visitor sees. And in this I don’t mean your cookie warning, but an action that keeps your visitor more focussed on your website.

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My name is Pauline and I’m a 27 year old Business Communications graduate from the Netherlands. I’m responsible for the social media accounts and writer of different weekly articles here at TheArtHunters. I’m also an entrepeneur and founder of Creable.

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