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Quality over quantity is one of the important things in developing a new webdesign. That means that in the process you’ll have a lot of amazing ideas, but you have to skip some of them. Take the best and work them out until you can’t do better. Create a webdesign that will fit the goal in every possible way. Use elements that will work and skip the crap. I know with every new project you’ll have great ideas in that creative brain of yours, but just use some of them and write the others down to try again later. I think this frase does not only fit with writers, but also with designers; to make the best of your project, you have to kill your darlings.

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My name is Pauline and I’m a 27 year old Business Communications graduate from the Netherlands. I’m responsible for the social media accounts and writer of different weekly articles here at TheArtHunters. I’m also an entrepeneur and founder of Creable.

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