Tips on SaaS Marketing

Marketing SaaS products is one of the most efficient ways of acquiring customers. For startups, marketing can be an expensive venture. However, a good marketing strategy is well worth every coin, and chances are you will get good returns on the investment.

You can apply a couple of marketing techniques when marketing your SaaS product. Most companies often hire marketing and SEO companies to market the product on their behalf. In this guide, we share some of the best techniques for SaaS marketing.

Offer Free Trials

Free trials are a good way of allowing prospective clients to get a feel of how your SaaS platform works. You can offer free trials for a limited time, for example 30 days. Clients interested in the product can sign up for the trial version, the first step of your conversion funnel.

Offering free trials will come in handy, especially if your competitors don’t have the same. You can let users access the basic features of your product. The main idea behind offering free trials is that you want customers to enjoy the product so they can register for the premium version to access all features.

Create Quality Content

In the current world, content is king. Quality content will drive traffic to your website, which you can convert to subscriptions. It would be best if you wrote quality blogs, how-to guides, and tutorials focusing on your SaaS product. The idea here is to have good information about your SaaS platform easily available on the internet.

You can hire an SEO and marketing company to help you come up with quality web content. The content doesn’t have to be all blogs. You can also include short videos on your product’s social media pages.

Customer Testimonials

As they say, your customers are your best marketers. Include a review section on your website where clients can leave a comment and rate your SaaS product. The Rocket SaaS marketing will be more successful if prospective clients get plenty of rave reviews from your existing pool of customers.

However, don’t fall into the trap of using artificial or generated reviews. Fake or inorganic reviews will affect your brand’s credibility. It will even cost you more to clean up your brand’s image.

Offer Freemium Packages

Offering different tiers, including a free tier, is a good way of marketing your SaaS product. You can create different tiers of your SaaS product. The freemium tier should include basic features such as limited storage. Unlike free trial editions, a freemium option will allow you to have more people using your product.

You can include packages to help convince users on the free tier to hop to other pro tiers available.

Wrapping Up

These SaaS marketing tips are timeless and will work on different types of products. Remember, everything starts with a strong ideal customer and buyer profile. It is always good to hire a marketing team to help you curate strategies that will help you get your product to the relevant people.

Without customer insights, it’s impossible to build products customers want and create a marketing plan that attracts attention.

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