Tips For Designing A Creative Logo

A logo is a brand’s identify in the market because it represents their image, qualities and shows what kind of products or services the company is offering. Since it is so important for a company’s marketing activities its design must be distinct and impressive to onlookers. As a professional logo designer you need to include the best design elements in your client’s logo so that it captures the attention of their target audience.


It must be attractive, simple and most importantly easy-to-remember. Its design should be such that whenever people look at the logo they instantly remember their brand and are motivated to make a purchase from them. Its design elements must be such that you can use it easily across various types of marketing material ranging from business cards to company website. Here is a look at top logo design tips by The SEO Company India:

Do Research

Start your logo design activities with some research. Check out logos of businesses that are similar to your clients through a general search on the internet or by checking your logo designing portfolio. Though the logo must be distinct looking into the designs of similar businesses lets you know what gels with their audience. You can also avoid designing a logo that’s similar to another business. If the client has had different logos in the past check them out as well because you can use some older design ideas.

Look Into Audience

The logo design must be one that your client’s target audience can easily relate. In this regard, it is vital to note what kind of imagery comes to the mind of the target audience when they see their products or services. Some analysis and experimentation on this will give ideas on what images or designs are best to capture of their attention.

Learn About The Brand

Knowing or learning about your client’s markets enables you to know what they offer to their customers.  When you do in-depth your research on their brand you can come up with interesting design ideas that best reflect their image and what they offer to customers. This enables you to develop a logo that easily identifies with what they are providing to people.

Make Sketches On Paper

Creativity is unleashed best when you start working on pen and paper even though the computer is very tempting. When you start working on paper you can get design ideas out faster in just a couple of sketches. You can also quickly make change to the designs. A creative logo designer will quickly create lots of designs on paper and use them as base model to start their computer design.

Use Appropriate Software

Once you’ve come up with some ideas, start developing on them using the best logo design software.  Good design software will offer excellent design elements, flexibility in design and enables you to quickly build a couple of logo samples on your client’s business. It has features that help you build the logo quickly and make modifications wherever required.

Look For The Right Typeface

Choosing the right typeface is important to get a good logo design. There are two ways to developing typeface for logo. One is to create custom typeface and the other is to adapt from an existing one. The qualities of the font you select must match with the brand. A simple typeface is best for unusual words while a creative one is better for common words. Keep the typeface as simple as possible because this catches people’s attention. Avoid using fantastic fonts in an attempt to make the logo typeface attractive.

Use Of Space

There are two types of spaces that you must checkout when designing a logo. The first is the space around the logo. Many brands have a zone around their logo that cannot be taken up by any other content in order to protect its identity. The second kind of space to consider is the one between alphabets in the logo name. You can get creative here by coming up with an arrow symbol or a key sign made from the negative spacing between alphabets. This not only makes the logo look good it also brings out a hidden meaning that lies between them.

Color Choice

The kind of color selected must be suitable for the client’s brand image.  The colors must be rich, pleasing to the eye and must suit the logo’s design. Colors used must look good across various types of marketing material. Instead of using colors you can also just stick to black and white.  Monochrome is very suitable for certain types of businesses and reflects their image very well than colors.

Check The Background

The logo that you choose must work well in light as well as dark backgrounds. This way it can be used across various marketing materials without any problems arising on its visibility.


There are lots of factors to be considered when you have to design a creative logo for your client. Look into these points and you will be able to come up with a stunning logo that matches up to your clients expectations and through which they can impress people. While designing it is not just important to be creative but also make use of the best design tools and keep the design in accordance with the image of your client. Only then can you come up with a logo that effectively markets their business across various markets.

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