This Week’s Web Design #172

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In ‘this week’s web design‘ I have a collection with 10 websites worth mentioning. This is a small selection of websites I came across last week. The first impression of a website is very important for me, what I see in my viewport (visible part of the browser) makes me decide to stay longer and play around on a website, or to leave immediately (unless I am specifically looking for some information). Below you’ll see the 10 best websites I visited last week, enjoy!

But, before I’ll show you this weeks list, first something else. As you probably know/ may have noticed in my profile description, I graduated in June of this year and started at a Dutch internet agency in Rotterdam in July, working on awesome front-end projects. But you have to have some fun at work as well, so for the last few weeks I’ve been working on their new website, below some screenshots, but be sure to visit the site itself as well, to experience it as a whole!







The top 10











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Houke de Kwant is a 31 year old frontend developer from the Netherlands and the creator of TheArtHunters (former Daily Inspiration, which was started as part of his study). He is currently working as a front-end developer at Ivaldi, an internet agency in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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