This Week on the Visual Wall #12

It’s saturday again, so while you’re enjoying your weekend, get inspired by a selection of the images published last week on the visual wall. Every week I’ll feature some of the artworks published from that week here on DI. If you enjoy what you see, don’t forget to pay the wall a visit and if you think you’re ready, submit your own works!

This Week on the Visual Wall #12

Hand of Gaïa

Chester Bennington illustration


Posters - Salsa Brava 70´s

Under the underworld 2


Cry of the eagle

Scarlett - Because shes worth it.

Killstrike Unleashed

Our love would be forever

Happy Halloween

Lady Van Reuzel v2

The Avengers #2


B&W Water Droplets + Red Isolate Color of Cassava Leaves


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