These Travel Posters Encourage You to ‘Discover the Magic of Home’

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With the UK back in lockdown, travel restrictions are currently in place once more.

So while we can’t encourage you to explore characterful cottages around the UK just now, we have put a new spin (or perhaps the original spin) on the meaning of the word ‘staycation’ – by inspiring you to enjoy everything your own home has to offer.

It can be a daunting thought being asked to stay home for an unknown amount of time, however by bringing a new perspective you can rediscover those little joys of your own home to get you through these difficult times.

That’s what we have aimed to do with our new tongue-in-cheek series of ‘travel’ posters, helping you to explore the magic of your own home – from the magic of the TV, to the dream-world of bed, and the relaxing retreat of bath time.

We hope our posters put a smile on your face and help you to enjoy the wonders of your own home through lockdown.

The bed

The gateway to your dreams

Much like Windermere may be the icon of the Lake District and Edinburgh Castle the top landmark of the Scottish capital, your bed is undoubtedly the number one highlight of your home.

So snuggle up, lay your head on the fluffy pillow and whisk yourself away to a land of dreams built by your own imagination.

The Bath

A dip into serenity

A blissful spa break awaits in your very own bathroom.

Fill the tub with the bubbliest of bubbles, add a drop of essential oils and pop in a colourful bath bomb to create an indulgent pool of relaxation to rival the UK’s most famous public baths.

Pop on a face mask, close your eyes and you could be anywhere in the world.

The TV

Be transported to another world

Forget rollercoasters and simulations at theme parks, your TV can transport you to a multitude of other worlds directly from your sofa.

Step back in time to the land of dinosaurs, walk in the footsteps of our most majestic wildlife, or explore the great outdoors of the UK’s coast and countryside, all at the touch of a button.

The Fridge

Four levels of edible fun

The world is filled with incredible architecture, but is there any structure in the world as delightful as the shelves of your fridge, loaded with delicious goodies for the week?

Take a trip to your fridge to marvel at the layers of tasty treats and dream of the concoctions you can cook up through the week.

The Bookshelf

The home tales waiting to be told

Just like a museum, your very own bookshelf is waiting to tell you tales of the past, present and future.

From fun works of fiction, to educational guides, and autobiographical accounts – no doubt your bookshelves are filled with books you can never quite find the time for.

So make the most of this time now to catch up on your reading and take your mind on a journey of discovery.

The Attic

A treasure trove of forgotten gems

Better than any treasure trails you’ll find, your own attic is home to a world of forgotten gems.

Grab a torch and take the time to delve into the long-buried treasures which await you.

You’re sure to find a souvenir or two worth keeping!

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