Them Divas

Them Divas is a collection of strong, powerful women who promote their art and inspire the world. It’s a way in which Payal Jagwani, a designer from Pune, India perceives each one of them. The elements used compliment their behaviour in some way or the other.

Ellie Goulding

The rising star from the UK, has not been in the industry for too long, but sure has inspired several souls. Her girly punk personality has played Payal’s muse for the following artwork.



The latina with the golden locks and killer curves, sways like a stream and tempts like a dream. Being the beautiful person she is, she’s been Payal’s inspiration for this piece.



The bad-ass diva from the small town made it big in Hollywood. Promoting her carefree style she has created music that touches all our hearts. Here’s to one of the coolest diva’s of Hollywood.


Katy Perry

The fun bubbly party girl is next! With extremely catchy music, she has taken the charts by storm and has definitely roared louder than a lion.



She continues to inspire millions of people just by being her self. Being her confident, powerful, strong and generous self. The lioness in her stand out and rules the world. A true diva in every sense.


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