TheArtHunters version 1.0 is live!

About one year ago, we decided it was time to do something new with DailyInspiration. Over the years we discovered, that people visiting our website not always got what they expected, our name didn’t match our content. So we started looking for something new, a name which did match what we covered. After a lot of brainstorm sessions we came up with TheArtHunters, which was, to our surprise, available as a domain…

We decided to build the whole website from scratch, with speed being the most important throughout the whole process. We moved the database to the new server, so we’ve still all content from Daily Inspiration, but everything else is new.


Posts / Projects / Artworks

Posts – Not much has changed here compared to Daily Inspiration. We’ve slowed down the publications to a few posts a week, this will go up to at least one a day in the coming weeks.

Projects – We’ve extended the content we show here, you can now upload more images with a post. In fact, you’re required to upload at least 5 images, else a publication will be rejected. We also give the opportunity to rate a project. At the end of the month, the highest rated projects of that month will be highlighted in our newsletter.

Artworks – each uploaded artwork will have a color palette. 4 Times a day we will generate the palettes of the newly added artworks (to prevent our server from crashing, it’s quite a complex script we run for it). Each artwork will be connected to 1 main color, this is the color we use in our search (later more about this).

And you can be part of it, just press the button below!


Archives have gotten a more important position on the website. Right now each type (artworks, projects and posts) can be filtered by date. Simply add the year/month/date after the url and you will get all publications of that type. For example an overview of publications made in March 2016 would look like this:

We also decided to make a quick overview of all publications on a given date. For that, you can simply add the year/month/date behind our website url, so the url for all our publications for 16 September 2015 looks like:

At the end of each month, we’ll share the url of that month on our Social Media / Rss / Email channels so that you’ll get a quick overview of our publications that month.

Social Media, RSS, Email & Browser notifications

Now that Pauline has joined the team, we’ll be investing more time in our social media strategy. Instead of automating the postings to our networks we’ll add more stories by ourselves. We’ve included Instagram as an option and we’ll send a newsletter once a month. Next to that we’ve created new RSS feeds, separated per post type, so we have one for artworks, one for projects and one for posts. We’ve also added an option to subscribe to our feeds by clicking a button, a popup will show you a lot of possible feed readers (Feedly being our favorite!). Below all our options:

Subscribe to our channels

We’ve also enabled website notifications (works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Android). When you visit our website for the first time you’ll get a popup asking to allow messages from our website. Once enabled, every time we send a message, you get a popup with our message, even if you’re not on our website! This is a new way of getting in touch with you, our readers, and looking at the average rate of new subscribers, it seems like it’s quite popular.

Search & Colors

Earlier I mentioned the colors we generate with each new artwork. Each image on this website is connected to one color, out of a series of 20 colors. These 20 colors have all 10 variations connected to them, so in total we’ve 200 filterable colors (but we only allow you to search for 20). If you go to our search page you get an option to pick a color and you’ll see all images related to that color. Go check it out, pick a color below and enjoy!


Being a front-end developer myself, I am continue looking at new techniques and opportunities. For the front-end I’ve included Turbolinks, originally created for Rails. We’re using version 5, which is currently in beta, but I found it good enough to run on a live website. (Found any issues while navigating, let me know!). With this, all pages are loaded through ajax, so you’ll see a spinner while we’re getting the next page for you. To get a faster website we use different caching techniques. We’re using Cloudflare for protection and for basic caching, KeyCDN as CDN for our images. Because we have visitors from all over the world, we need a CDN to serve our images from different locations. Instead of getting your images from our server in Amsterdam, you get them from the server closest to you. Next, we use W3TotalCache and Autoptimize to serve static pages and compress all our HTML, CSS and Javascript. I am not going into this any further, but feel free to ask if you’re interested in this kind of stuff.

What’s next

Of course this is not the end. Being a developer, this is a playground for me… I’ll try new things, lots of them will fail and won’t be used here, some of them will be. For now, I have a list of things I will definitely add to the website. In random order:

  • AMP – a new technique from Google to serve optimized pages for mobile
  • Fiba – Facebook Instant Articles, you’ve likely seem them by now. The articles with a thunderbolt, which load instant inside the Facebook app.
  • Endless scroll – Right now you have to click on the plus button to load more content. The goal is to make this automattic, as soon as you’re almost at the bottom of the page, new items will be added.
  • Custom landing pages – They will be called collections and will get a new menu item in the sidebar. This will be around a subject like ‘Disney’, or ‘Game of Thrones’ and will bundle all items we posted about that subject.
  • Custom category pages – We can do much more with the categories as we’re doing now. Also, projects and artworks will be connected to categories as well.

For now, we’re pleased to introduce version 1.0. If you encounter any bugs, don’t hesitate to contact us, if you see it, someone else will see it as well, so the earlier we know, the quicker we can fix it. I hope you like what you see, and if you where a Daily Inspiration visitor before, I hope we can provide enough inspiration for you to keep you around!

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Houke de Kwant is a 30 year old frontend developer from the Netherlands and the creator of TheArtHunters (former Daily Inspiration, which was started as part of his study). He is currently working as a front-end developer at Ivaldi, an internet agency in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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