The Top Four Hottest Recent Smartphone Innovations

In the past few years, smartphones have become the latest buzzword in mobile computing convenience for technology enthusiasts and the everyday users alike. What is of even greater interest is the speed at which new innovations are introduced. Every month there seems to be an new application available to the user or a faster processor developed. This dizzying speed of progress is a direct result of the popularity that these phones now readily enjoy, and it proves wise to have a brief look at some of the moat recent technological additions that are certain to make an impact on our everyday lives.


Single Operating Systems

Although this technology has yet to be deployed mainstream, 2013 has seen the dawn of an era where dedicated core systems will be seamlessly integrated into both smartphones and laptops. This will give smartphone users a completely streamlined experience between multiple devices and the obvious effect will be one of greater communication and data transfer. The larger companies such as Apple and Microsoft are expected to lead the way although one unified operating system for all devices is still thought to be some years ahead.


Physical Changes

When the smartphone was first introduced, many were wary of purchasing these latest products due to their fragility. Dropping one in water would render it all but useless while even slightly cracking the tactile screen would likewise cause irreversible damage. With the incorporation of more lightweight and robust materials, such concerns may soon become a thing of the past. Companies will begin to introduce screens up to five inches in diameter that are said to be all but indestructible. What is perhaps even more interesting is that a technology called Liquipel has now been perfected. As the name suggests, Liquipel will protect a smartphone even if completely immersed in water. While seeing is truly believing, it will be interesting to witness the mainstream application of these trends this year.


The Implementation of HTML 5

HTML 5 is the latest language that is predicted to take the smartphone market by storm this year. This language is the next generation of the HTML protocol and key benefits include enhanced language support for multimedia while still boasting the readability that HTML has been famous for. While this may be exciting for the computer programmer, the effects on the smartphone user will be just as beneficial. This new language will allow users to interact with audio and video files and websites themselves with greater ease. Games will now use this new source code, thus allowing them to be even more realistic and use less memory. Finally, HTML 5 is perfect for smartphone users, as it has been optimised for these low-power devices. In fact, sales of devices that use this new language are expected to top 1 billion dollars in 2013 alone.


Greener Technology

This trend has been growing for some time and is expected to dominate the smartphone market this year. One notable aspect is the ability for many phones to be comprised of recycled parts, thus cutting down on the waste produced. Another development to watch out for are batteries that are much smaller than in the past, require less charge time and will carry a life considerably longer than their previous counterparts. These green solutions will not be fully implemented for some time, but 2013 is the year where we can expect to see many such innovations enter into the public eye.


These are four of the most interesting developments to enter into the smartphone industry, and 2013 may prove to be a defining year in the entire smartphone industry due to such changes.

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