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In ‘The Portfolio of…’ I give you, the photographer/ designer, a chance to share your work with the world. Everyone likes to get some attention for their works, and we’re here to help. Submit your portfolio to us and I’ll try to publish it. Today it’s time to show you the work ink4rt.

ink4rt: I have been in graphics since ever. I have a passion for this art since my early childhood. It started with drawing that followed me throughout my childhood and that is still with me … Getting interested in everything, I tried graffiti, and photography as well. I like to define myself as an image maker …

I have been working with Adobe Photoshop since two years. Being keen on images and new technologies, I could not help using it, despite my difficulties to put aside paper and pencils … This software with its infinite possibilities allows me to embody in reality ramblings of my imagination. Every day it encourages me to explore and use new creative possibilities.

My photo manipulations are not always naively optimistic but they reflect my vision of society, complex and tortured. I try to make them reflect the hidden part of the cliché that cameras cannot capture. Freelance graphic designer since late 2011, I am now at your disposal to turn your ideas into images and complete all creative projects like developping your visual identity (logo, business cards, letterhead) or designing a model for printing (brochures, leaflets, posters, invitations, announcements …)






















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