The -Folded- Series by Israeli Designer Ariel Zuckerman

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The “folded” series by Israeli designer Ariel Zuckerman deals with the physical tension applied on a two dimensional sheet. Using techniques such as folding, stretching and twisting, borrowed from the discipline of paper, and applying them to wooden sheets, led to a novel three dimensional appearance.

The material used to form the lighting is innovative. Veneer covered in an acrylic layer, resulting in a natural wooden appearance but also incorporating the flexible attributes of plastic. The sheets thinness allows the light to pass through it and accentuate the texture.

The “folded” series includes: table lamp, floor lamp, hanging from the wall and a chandelier. All can be found on the designer Etsy shop.

Ariel Zuckerman is an Israeli product designer with vast experience working with leading lighting stores presenting his work but also serve as an independent designer for “Keter”, one of the world’s leading companies in plastic consumer products.

Photographer: Yoav Gurin









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