The Filmography of Guns

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This giant print illustrates a visual history of iconic guns from film and television in 115 intricately detailed hand-illustrations. From the classic Smith & Wesson of Dirty Harry to James Bond’s PPK to the fictional firearms in classics like Star Wars and Aliens – Cathryn Lavery has it all covered.

Each gun was sketched by hand with meticulous attention to every detail. It was then converted to a digital illustration. By drawing each gun at a large size (approx 12” x 18”) the detail of the weapon remains crisp when reduced in scale on the print.

The Collector’s Book is a full-color 120+ page reference guide containing all 115+ gun illustrations in larger sizes and images of the original sketches. It includes additional information not available on the large print, for example the background history of each gun model, as well as other films they played a key role in.



















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