The “Cube” Restaurant Concept by Igor Sirotov

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In this post a new project by Igor Sirotov, an architect from Ukraine, Kiev. It is a concept project for the “Cube” restaurant (512 sq.m) with the focus on a minimalistic style. The concept of the restaurant consists in singularity for an everyday life space. The idea is tha when a visitor gets tgere it appears as “a dark side of the moon”, in the world of shadows, the monochrome environment, in a place where the person, his inner world, is the central theme. The main objective of Igor: to take the person away to the mysterious, unfamiliar and unusual gray world which too can be very sensual and expressive. It is a favourite color scale of Igor, where the minimum rises to a maximum. Maximum of invoices, shades, feelings. Basics of elements are lines, the simple geometry emphasizing static characters and silences an image of a moonlight night. And obligatory presence of water which communicates with the moon in a special language.










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