The Costs You Need To Consider When Launching Your Business’ Website

It’s fair to say that building a business website, and at that a good business website, will come with costs. It’s an investment that can require significant budget, but in the long run can prove incredibly worthwhile.

A website is hugely important to any business, no matter what your budget. It’ll often be the first glimpse of you as a business to a prospective customer, so you need to make an impression in a number of areas.

How much it costs is very much dependent on your budget. You can generally do it as cheaply or as expensive as you want, but it is important to remember that what you put in is what you get out. But what are the costs you will have to pay?

Web Design

Web design is a cost that can be entirely flexible. Using an expert and established designer can cost thousands upon thousands, while at the other end of the spectrum there are many free templates you can also use.

Many start-up businesses opt for somewhere in the middle, using professional website builders like Duda. Their comprehensive plans can suit a variety of budgets, as well as being completely flexible and tailored to the type of business you are launching.

What is worth noting is that web design is an integral part of any business. Simple and well thought out design can encourage users to stay on the site and navigate through it to the end goal – a purchase. On the other hand, a template that doesn’t reflect what the business does can be seriously costly when it comes to converting.

Domain Name

Again, choosing your domain can also range wildly in price, from anywhere between a dollar per year or thousands. The domain name is important though. It identifies your business to customers and therefore needs to be something related.

Think carefully about your domain name, as ultimately this isn’t going to be the most costly exercise, unless you want a website domain that already exists, in which case it is possible to liaise with the domain owner and make the purchase. This is a much more costly exercise, however.

The fee you pay will be annually, and it’s important to make sure that you do renew your domain, otherwise your site will go down and you could miss out on sales.

Web Hosting

Hosting is essentially paying to place your site on a server and allow it to be accessed by people online. Hosting can vary in price, but if you want to ensure you hit optimum Core Web Vitals, then it is always useful to choose a well-regarded hosting service. Going cheap in this instance can have an adverse impact on the likes of load times, which will be detrimental to your rankings on Google.


Depending on the type of business you are launching, you may have to pay additional costs to third parties to ensure your site is functioning fully. For example, if you’re launching an e-commerce site, then you will need to pay monthly costs for a shopping cart function. This is usually in the region of around $30 per month.

Content Management System

This is where the much larger costs start to come in. Content management software essentially allows you to add content to your website. To invest in CMS software will usually set a business back a few thousand dollars, but ultimately it will allow you to run your business smoothly online, as well as allowing you to add features such as subscription boxes, contact forms etc.

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