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If you look around you there’s inspiration for art everywhere, but sometimes as an artist you lack on inspiration for your next project. A walk through the city might help you get some ideas. Whatever kind of art you create, focus at one theme when you walk through your city and see what happens. You’re going to see the place you think you know in a whole different way and you’ll find beauty in places you won’t expect. I created a list of themes you can focus on on your trip. Of course you can also stretch your theme over multiple cities you’re visiting and look at the differences.




If you think about front doors, you probably think they are all the same, but if you really focus on them in a city, there are so many different shapes, colors and sizes. Except of course if you’re gonna check all the front doors in a skyscraper, but they might also inspire you if you fantasize about the person or family that lives there and how their lives could look like.


by Olivier Defaye


Walls have the same mysterie around them as doors. It’s just a few centimeters, but it can always be a mystery what is on the other side. Look at the texture, material and maybe even a pattern or drawing on it.

Different tiles

If you think about tiles, you might think about the beautiful ones in warm countries. Those have the most amazing patterns and colors on them. But look around you, it might surprise you, but in every city are beautiful tiles. It is up to you to find them and they might inspire you for your next project.


by Franck Bohbot

Hidden gems

Search online for blogs about your city. Locals might inform you about hidden gems that are not well known by the tourists. Make it a kind of treasure hunt and you’ll discover beautiful gems.


Paris vs New York


by Clet

Local people

If you’re into portraits, the only thing you have to do is go for a drink on the plaza and watch the locals do their thing.

Graffiti or wall murals

by Faith47


Photography Bridges


by shevaun williams

Greenery/Flowers in random places

Flowers will find a way to bloom. Even in a city with a lot of brick and concrete. Look for them and may they inspire you to bloom in your own way.

Public transportation

by  Slava Ostap


Oh Venice. If you think about canals, you think about Venice, but their are so many cities with beautiful canals. What is happening in those canals and what are the surroundings? Can you create a beautiful piece about that view?


Make a series about one specific shape. Look for that shape everywhere in your city and collect the ones that are surprising you.


If not a shape, you might wanna choose a color to focus on while you walk through the city. Behind all the grey you might find a very colorful world.


by NoPoint Studio’s

One place  in every season/weather condition

by  Navid Baraty

One place in different times of day

This is such a nice challenge. There is so much difference in what you’ll notice on different times of the day in the same place. A lot of places will be vibrant during the late morning and early afternoon, but what happens early in the morning or late in the evening? And how does the sun affect the place in those different moments?


by Bence Bakonyi




by Jessica Alibrico


by Shane Watt


by Romain Trystram

Iconic places

Airpano Citybook

One place from different perspectives

Look for something that catches your attention. Than look at it from above, or below. From far away and closer. What do you see?


by Jussi Hellsten

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