The Best Casino Themed Movie Posters

What images are conjured up in your mind’s eye when you think of casinos, gambling or Vegas? Is it the glamour of the 50s? Maybe gambling iconography like playing cards, roulette wheels, the Ace of Spades? Or is it James Bond, the Rat Pack, glitz, glamour and the seedy yet glamorous side of life.

Most people’s ideas of casinos are based on Las Vegas as it’s portrayed in movie after movie. From films like the original Rat Pack Ocean’s Eleven to the hugely successful Bond reboot, Casino Royale, casinos are synonymous with exciting, glam lives and potentially dangerous plot lines.

We’ve found four of the best casino themed movie posters, which sum up the contrasting imagery of casinos and Las Vegas itself through the medium of some of your favourite films.

Casino Royale

 It may be minimalist and sparse on detail but this beautifully simple movie poster for Casino Royale is recognisably Bond and, even more interesting, recognisably Daniel Craig’s bond. The familiar use of the black suit in silhouette and the gun casually gripped in Bond’s hand harks back to the opening titles of some of the earlier Bond films, without losing a post modern edge that marks this as very much part of the new Bond franchise. Tied up on the background of the classic Ace of Spades, this is pretty much the perfect poster for the perfect Bond film, which of course, partly centres around a high stakes poker game

 Our second choice for the Casino Royale movie poster is less simplistic and yet more iconic. The outline of the gorgeously slinky woman, clearly in the 60s or 70s style, harks back to the famous and iconic opening sequences to the earlier Bond films. The imagery, fonts and colours are retro, yet with a modernist twist that makes this clear it’s a new era of Bond movie, although still retaining everything that made the franchise and movies stylish and recognisably Bond.

All In: The Poker Movie

 This 2009 documentary looks at the recent resurgence in popularity for poker, and particularly Texas Hold ‘Em. Asking questions about poker in all its forms, including the increasingly hugely popular online casinos like , the film is an interesting insight into the dream of winning big. The movie poster is complex and stylised and merges the movie content into the back of a traditional ornate playing card. It’s a gorgeously geometric image that manages to convey the complexity and glamour of the casino industry. 

Ocean’s Eleven

 Eschewing any character outlines at all, this poster for Ocean’s Eleven is a stylistic interpretation of the movie, centering on the character’s names, each emblazoned on a playing card. The background red colour signifies the danger and tension of the impending multi-heists in the movie and the stealthy use of a poker chip in the O of Ocean’s Eleven ties the poster together. You are in no doubt as to the film and its impact in this visually arresting image. 

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