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It’s almost there, the last day of the year so for us it’s time to look back at this year and share some stats with you. But first I want to thank you all for visiting our website and sharing our posts, because of you we are still running this website so again: Thank You! Last year I looked back by publishing an infographic with some stats, I really liked to do that again this year, but because of my current internship I don’t have the time to create one so you should have to do it with some GA stats :). I hope you’ll all have an amazing New Year’s Eve and ofcourse I hope to see you all back at our website next year!

Compared to 2010 we’ve seen an incredible increase in visits and pageviews, but because this is our first full year it isn’t fare to compare with 2010. (Still if we do… We’ve seen a growth of ~1100%!).

There is one new country in the top10 this year: Russia, Spain has left the top 10 – now on 13th place.

Next stat is browser usage, which makes me quite happy… Internet Explorer is below 10% :). Funfact: We had 1 visitor using IE5.5.

In the summer of 2011 we released this layout, where we also focussed on our mobile users, if you visit our website on your smartphone you’ll see a clean layout with only the stuff you need. We have some ideas for improvement and we will certainly work on that next year, maybe we’ll even release it next year… But that’s no promise. The following devices entered our top10:

November has been the best month this year, and the best month so far. From our 15 most viewed posts the top 3 are posts from November (and there are 2 more posts from November in the top 15). You also seem to like Angry Birds, all 3 posts we published about them are in here. Here they are:

#15 – Amazing 3D Art by André Holzmeister

#14 – Digital Art by Samuel Viani

#13 – Flyerfolio – May 2011

#12 – Before I Die

#11 – Beautiful Movie Posters #60

#10 – Angry Zombie Birds

#09 – Creative Angry Birds Fan Art

#08 – Creative Ads: WWF

#07 – Creative Ads for Ikea

#06 – Creative Ads for Heineken

#05 – Has Hollywood Lost Its Creativity?

#04 – Character Design: Angry Birds

#03 – Cocktail Posters by Konstantin Datz

#02 – Nerdy Dirty – Illustrations for Nerds in Love

#01 – The Art of Typography #79 by Sabeena Karnik

So what’s next… Next year we keep doing what we’ve done for > 1,5 year now: sharing inspiration. We will put more time in the wall of fame it is starting to grow, but there are some ideas which need more attention. Last but not least we will improve the tagging system, compared to the rest of the website it’s quite hard to find your way through the tags and we’ve got the feeling that we can do much better here. Next week we’re having a brainstorm for 2012 and I already have some great ideas, so just wait and you’ll see :).

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