A Tail of Spacetime

He’s done it again!

Our affictionados, Sadam Fujioka has created another one of his poetic installation. As part of the Fukuoka Art Triennale, Fujioka and his team at Annolab have developed an interactive installation that tries to crystalize the concept of the expansion of time and space.




A Minkowski light cone represents the expansion of time and space. This cone which is formulated on the equation x^2 + y^2 + z^2 – (ct)^2 = 0, shows how we exist in our current position observing a horizon of possibility while the future spreads out constantly before us at the speed of light.

This work prompts the viewer to consider how their current location was arrived at in time and space. By Touching the monument in the center which represents a tail of spacetime, the observer can see an image of the same observers past self. By allowing the observe, as the observer currently exists in the present, to react with it, the observer is able to consider his or her action to a future self.


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