Surfboard Design for Album Surf, San Clemente, California

Below a series of photos from the surfboard Pierre Kiandjan designed for Album Surf manufacturing company from San Clemente, California. The collaboration board is for sale here. Fun every time. Similar rocker to the Simmons inspired Symphony but with a little more lift in the tail, combined with a more pulled in outline through the business end. Great alternative to a fish or even a longboard. Catches anything that moves, zips and flies around as hard as you want to push it – or cruise, trim and flow all day long. Single to double concave. Can be ridden as a quad, thruster, twin or even a single fin. Ride it a touch shorter than you’d order a fish.

5’6″ x 20.5″ x 2.44″ 33.2 liters Sub with custom art inlay, resin color with mixed sanded gloss & polished finish. Futures quad set up, glassed 4+4/4oz.





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