This Summer in Barcelona: FAB10

Summer is around the corner. And the options are always the same, raver Ibiza, hippie Goha, bohemian Istanbul, relaxing, Greece, exotic Thailand, surfer Portugal, stoner Jamaica, techno-not-so-cool-anymore Berlin or avant-garde Japan.

But as we all know, after the third day on the beach we are deemed to look like a well done German wurst and also, let’s admit it, a bit bored already! Magazines could be a solution but they’re written in incomprehensibly bizarre languages.You will then repeatedly fall back on overpriced food that will make you waste all those fitness class that you took back in march to get ready for summer.

If you are a creative, with a passion for technology and like to be conceptually stimulated the solution for you this summer is Fab10. The event will give you the unique opportunity to enjoy a full week of events, lectures, workshops and exhibitions in conjunction with the unique background offered by Barcelona with its amazing cultural heritage, splendid beaches, insane fish restaurants and famous spanish nightlife.


Fab10 is the tenth international conference and annual meeting of the Fab Lab Network. The event will gather international Fab Lab community from more than 250 laboratories based in more than 40 countries, who share tools, projects, programs and processes in an open and collaborative environment. The event will see the initial three days filled with Fab Lab Meetings, followed by the Fab Lab Festival over the weekend and will conclude with the Fab City Symposium.

The symposium is scheduled for monday the 7th and will focus on the principles, applications and implications of Digital Fabrication. The lineup of speakers is already impressive featuring amongst others Arduino’s inventor Massimo Benzi, MIT’s director Neil Gershenfeld and founding director of the institute of Computational Design at University of Stuttgart Achim Menges.

If this summer you’ll find yourself under the umbrella half bored checking your friends’ status for inspiration don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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