Submitted Work by Rodrigo Aquino Verdun

In “Submitted work by…” we give you, the designer, a change to share your work with the world. Today it’s time to show you the work of Rodrigo Aquino Verdun, an Argentine comic book artist and penciller.


“Rodrigo Verdun (born August 22, 1979 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine comic book artist and penciller. Verdun studied Graphic Design in college and first had  his work published in the Argentine magazine Lea, an important cultural magazine in 2000. In 2005 collaborated with Carlos Pedrazzini in “Joan” an European comic book for Eura Editiroirale. Verdun worked as the assistant of illustrators Carlos Meglia, and Carlos Pedrazzini In 2006 worked as an illustrator and concept artist for several media such as animation, film or video games. Rodrigo is currently illustrating a children’s book for Ediciones Lea. and work on Preizherer “Cheche ce que retrouves..” a new BD for Paquet Editions with writer Nestor Barron. Throughout his career Verdun has worked in different mediums, including black and white, digital color, acrylics and oils.”





















 Rodrigo Aquino Verdun’s Work

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