Street art on traffic lights honors the victims of 9/11

New York, 9/11/13. On this morning of 9/11, pedestrian traffic lights around New York City have taken on a whole new meaning. The stop symbol is no longer in the shape of the familiar hand, but has been modified to resemble the fallen twin towers. Underneath it a message reads: “9/11. Forward. Together.”

Six international advertising students from Miami Ad School are behind this creative guerilla project:

“We wanted to create something different to show people that sharing the memory of 9/11 makes us stronger. We will never stop moving forward and we will never be alone. That’s what the connection between the two towers and the walking man symbolizes,” they explain.

9/11. Forward. Together.

The signs have been spotted all over Manhattan and Brooklyn in busy areas such as the Financial District, Union Square and Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. If you want to catch a glimpse of the artwork you better hurry up because it’s not sure for how long they will get to stay up.


  • Vittoria Tonelli
  • Helena Olsson
  • Ece Ciftci
  • Khoi Phan
  • Alejandra Garcia
  • Ana Lucia Lopez Espinoza



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