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Thanks to Anora Campo from Brazil, I can share a huge branding project (brand strategy, naming, brand identity, catalog and web) for Blackball, a company based in Brazil, specializing in the creation and manufacture high-end billiard tables for indoor. Anora Campo is a brand consultancy and design studio founded by Daniel Campos focused on helping our clients build their brands. Below the extensive view from start to end. Enjoy!


Blackball (formerly Bilhares Mendes ) is a company based on Campinas and São Paulo, Brazil, specialized in design and manufacture high-end billiard tables for indoor.

Without a brand to certify their products and communicate with the market and facing stiff competition, company approached Anora Campo in January 2013 to help build its brand.

The company needed to change the way they communicated with the market, bringing all their values and attributes for a brand that would represent all the excellence of the company and its products. And of course a brand that could talk to correct target audience, a target which apart from enjoying playing billiard enhances the decor of their home environments.

Not only with the end customer but the brand should also talk to the interior design and architect professionals who are trendsetters and caring for the home decor of the target brand. A brand that could get ‘relationships’ with schools and students, a brand that engages young professionals, also thinking about billiard tables as great decorative pieces.







Anora Campo worked with the client in the excavation of more primordial values of the company and relating each with growth business plans. After market research, they came to the brandcore consisting of three pillars: sophistication, design and leisure. Based on these pillars, they build the brand.

The next step was the translation of the values and ambitions of the brand in a slogan. It should be short enough to visually enforce the logo, strong enough to become almost a sub brand and direct in stating the vocation of the brand.





The company was, until the branding, called Bilhares Mendes. In Brazil, the word “bilhar” (“billiard” in English) refers to bars, places that do not have a good reputation in the country. So right away Anora Campo abandoned “Bilhares”. They would only stay with Mendes, the surname of the founder. But Anora Campo and the client came to the conclusion that the name of the new brand should be more connected to the game and one that could be more easily registered. After several meetings and trials of new names, they came uo with “Blackball”. The name address the needs of the project and was available for registration.





Brand Identity

Based on the history of the billiard game and heraldry culture Anora Campo designed an identity system that prioritized the icon, the coat of arms, the shield. That is the main symbol of the brand, the connection between all elements of the brand. Along with all this, Anora Campo also directed all photography sessions of products, especially in customer environments. They also designed the catalog, website and worked together with LL Projetos Arquitetônicos for the new store.


Web Design

After the decisions of the new strategy, naming, brand identity and print design shown above, Blackball needed a web presence that spoke the same language, same approach that Anora Campo brought to brand, which resulted in the works below.







  • Strategy and design: Daniel Campos
  • Photography: Jefferson Souza
  • Architect: LL Projetos Arquitetônicos
  • Typography: Eduilson Coan, Marconi Lima and Canadá Type

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