Stocksy Opens its Call to Artists for first time in 2 years

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada – September 13, 2017 – Stocksy United, an artist-owned platform co-op that licenses premium photos and videos to leading agencies and brands, has announced the reopening of its Call to Artists today. For the past 2 years you could only become a contributor at Stocksy through private invitation, making this a significant opportunity for photographers and filmmakers who have been interested in joining the ranks alongside some of the most talented visual artists in the industry. Stocksy is renowned for their unique model that is focused on supporting artists’ careers, paying out the highest royalties in the industry (50-75%) and a dedication to creative integrity of their collection. In 2016 Stocksy paid out $6 million USD in royalties and $300,000 USD in dividends to their artist-shareholders.

“We’re on the hunt for artists with an edge and eye for storytelling. We want color palettes that bring intrigue and lighting that challenges assumptions as we evolve past Instagram styles and challenge artistic directions in 2018.” said Brianna Wettlaufer, CEO, Stocksy. “As we mature as a co-op, we’re also welcoming collectives and agencies looking to have their work represented to apply.”

Stocksy is seeking new international talent to join its existing community with a focus on Southeast and East Asia, the Middle East, Australasia and Western Europe. Stocksy is looking to represent and challenge traditional beauty ideals and stereotypes, as well as capture and celebrate the realness and subtleties of different cultures outside traditional stock stereotypes.

If you know a photographer or filmmaker looking for an agency to represent them, one who they can trust and believe in, send them to Stocksy’s Call To Artists.

About Stocksy United

Stocksy United is an artist-owned, multi-stakeholder cooperative based in Victoria, BC. With its stable of hand-picked photographers, Stocksy produces high-end, beautiful imagery that challenges the tired stereotypes found at traditional stock photography agencies. Stocksy was started in 2012 with a team of industry veterans whose mandate was to create a marketplace that would remain true to its core ideals of sustainability and authenticity, while ensuring that the bulk of its revenues is returned to the artists that make it possible.

Profitable almost from its inception, today Stocksy employs 25 people in five countries, has over 900 voting member photographers and cinematographers, counts over 100 of the Fortune 500 amongst its clients, and is the agency of record for some of the world’s most prestigious ad agencies. Currently, Stocksy represents artists in 65 different countries and pays out one of the highest royalty percentages in the industry.

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