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It’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about movies. In a former life, I was (un)fortunate enough to work for Blockbuster Video; and before the meteoric fall of this once glorious institution – an institution whose legacy will forever be the ill-advised adoption of an incomprehensible and misleading late fee policy – I was able to visually devour well over 5,000 movies during my tenure. Unlike the pretentiously ponytailed clerk at your local video store, I never sent anyone home with a French film featuring a despondent one-armed clown or, God forbid, anything starring Ben Affleck. No, I always recommended the good stuff – the kind of movies that are chalk full of car chases, explosions, gun battles, and of course, tons of special effects. The movie industry has thrived for decades thanks in no small part to its ability to create worlds so realistic they defy belief, and monsters so life-like it’s hard to imagine they’re little more than makeup and silicone – and while this movie magic is undoubtedly incredible to behold, it may surprise you to learn it’s being cast much closer to home than you may think.

Hollywood North

When it comes to shooting movies, the city of Toronto has long served as a cost-effective stand-in for many American cities thanks to its expansive skyline – but a city doesn’t receive such a prestigious moniker simply because it has a bunch of tall buildings; the city of Toronto boasts some of the top special effects talent in the business.

Makeup Transformations: Fueling The Imagination of Moviegoers

CMU College of Makeup Art & Design is the premiere institution for producing what many believe to be some of the most distinguished makeup artists in the industry – and looking at some of these images, it’s easy to see why.

Alexander – Before and after his transformation into a character who has clearly been battered


Left: Barry Patterson, President of CMU College of Makeup Art & Design Center: after a prosthetic application transforming him into a creature from deep space Right: Barry seen here on a Monday. Looks like it’s business as usual for Barry Patterson, President of CMU.


Left: Devon Soltendieck, television entertainment reporter Right: Devon after having a prosthetic makeup applied, turning him into one of the most iconic movie villains of the 80’s


Left: Teddy, before his transformation into a truly recognizable creature Right: Teddy, as the bloodthirsty werewolf


Left: Leah, being transformed into the undead Right: Leah, ready to fade into the night as a vampire


Left: Carly before the transformation Right: Carly is ready to journey back in time to the roaring 30’s

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