Smashing UI & UX Design Aspects To Captivate Mobile Viewers

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Like the web design trends, the mobile design trends have also become an ever fluctuating field. They keep evolving from time to time and this is why, it is imperative to stay updated with the ongoing trends, in order to deliver a mind blowing performance.

The design of any product, whether it is an application or a website, is quite crucial in ensuring its success in this wobbly marketplace. With the incessantly increasing mobile users, an optimal mobile performance has become paramount. If your target audience includes mobile users (which is often the case), it is essential to keep the latest and trendy UI and UX design patterns in mind that can help attract and engage your potential users.

To help you design an appealing mobile design, here are a few resourceful tips and the latest design trends.

Begin With Sketching And Creating Wireframes

A well-designed wireframe sketch can miraculously help you understand the crucial details of the product that you need to focus, as these detail points are often left aside while developing it. In fact, you can use the wireframe to gather the valuable feedback from your clients and make appropriate changes in the very beginning, instead of making additional efforts after the development.

Make It Highly Interactive

It is vital to note that your end users won’t include only novice or experts. There will be both types of users. Thus, it is better to not intricate the product to a level that only experts can understand, rather also take the novice users into account. By ensuring a highly interactive product, you can amazingly improve user retention.

Users Are Greedy For Speedy Experience

Yes! That is true, users often look forward to enjoy the products that deliver expeditious performance. And if an app is consuming a lot of time to load, it can annoy your users and force them to abandon it. Especially, the mobile users are more impatient, and thus, it is essential to deliver a speedy performance, or else you will lose your potential business. For this, you must use lightweight themes and visual graphics that don’t get in the way of the users and your business.

Make Users Love Your Design At The First Sight

Design a powerful and killer UI to deliver a stunning and impressive UX. Your viewers should feel pleased while interacting with your product and don’t forget that the first look is vital to grab their attention. This means, optimize your landing page design with a great precision. Make sure that your design is proficiently catering to the needs of your potential users, while offering a brilliant user experience.

From an easy navigation to an intuitive interface, design your UI elements to help your users access the product with a breeze. This will certainly help you increase the scope of getting your users back to your product in the future.

Define Microinteractions

While it is imperative to make your design highly interactive, you can smoothen the user interactions and augment the UX of your product by integrating microinteractions in the design. By including microinterations, you can define fine details that can help your users better understand the product and thus, make the design more usable.

Focus On User Privacy

Your product should embrace the standard security model. There are applications that seek access to the user-specific information like contacts, media files, etc. This eventually creates a sense of risk in users’ mind, and they hesitate in using such apps. This issue can be resolved by sharing the details that how and when the application will use the information. By doing so, you can win the trust of your users. Moreover, it is also advisable to ask for permissions that are necessary.

Keep The Thumb Gesture In Mind

The CTA buttons and other UI icons must be designed while keeping the user behavior in mind. It can be observed that most of the users prefer holding their device in a hand and interacting with the applications via their thumb. Thus, it is worth to make your design support the thumb-oriented gestures. By doing so, you can enhance the usability of your product, while making it easily accessible; thereby, heighten the overall UX.

Flat UI and subtle color scheme

Flat interface design is simple, and yet an effective design approach that caters to the needs of small screen viewers. It is always better to opt a simple design with which users can interact seamlessly and flawlessly. Flat design is further enhanced in the Google’s Material design.

This trendy design approach can help you create a marvelous product that can stand up to your users’ expectation. Moreover, a well-implemented, simple and subtle color palette can beautifully complement your product usability. Owing to which users can enjoy using the product.

Furthermore, with the proliferation of mobile, responsive design has become imperative for the surefire success of the product. You can reach a wider audience base with a flair if your product features a responsive layout.

Wrapping Up:

Whether you are a UX designer or a UI designer, these are a few of the vital design aspects, taking which into account can help you deliver a rocking design.


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