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Do you always end up your photography passion due to the missing of something you don’t know? Do you wonder why your selfie comes amazing and other photography does not meet the standards? Well, we’ve got you then. Do not break out in a panicked sweat if your boss has asked for a few top quality product photographs to use in online shopping or to promote the business. After reading this article, you can learn everything you need with these smart tips for product photography.

Between crafting high converting Amazon product descriptions and optimizing your Google Shopping data feed, there are probably high chances you miss studying the art of photography. Here are some fantastic product photography tips to kick things off for you:

1. Use a Tripod:

You may think of a tripod as an unnecessary and nerdy piece of technical equipment, but your product photography quality shows you the huge difference it can make. The good news is it is straightforward to use.

By using a tripod, the shakiness of your hands becomes stable. If you want to make your product photographs look high quality and professional, make sure there is no blurriness in your photos. You can avoid blurriness in pictures with a tripod.

There are many kinds of tripods available in the market, whether using your phone or a DSLR. For better-looking product photographs, it is 100% worth setting up a tripod.

2. Use proper lighting:

Neither your background nor your product will appear as it is in real life without proper lighting. For example, if you are not using adequate light, your white background could appear grey.

The best option for product photography is to use natural light or studio lights. You can decide which setup to go for according to the photo’s purpose, the product you are photographing, and the platform on which you are advertising it. Product photographs featuring people, edible items, clothing, and sunglasses for women and men work well with natural light. Natural light also appears good if you are taking a photograph to post on Instagram.

If you are photographing in a room, you must keep your product in a direction that it must face the window to get all the natural light. Otherwise, it is better to do this outside. It is ideal to do when the sun is not too harsh, late afternoon and early morning. If you take a picture of sunglasses for women at noon, it’ll get a lot of glare, and your product does not look good.

If you are photographing indoor use products like cooking utensils or artwork, it is wise to use studio lights. You need to buy and set those studio lights if you are selling your products online.

3. Take a Basic Photo Editing Class:

The necessary skill to make your product photography successful is good editing skills. You can see real differences in your pictures with just even masking small flaws or tweaking the saturation.

If you are doing this without getting any photo editing class, the chances are very high that you ended up making the editing overwhelming. So it’s better to take an introductory photo editing class, mainly if you are using photoshop.

If you’re afraid of spending extra money on photo editing class, there’s nothing to worry about! You can learn with the help of YouTube. You can learn the basics of editing through a lot of tutorials available online.

4. Shoot for the Edit:

Have you ever experienced that you become lazy after writing more than half of your assignment and decide to complete the morning? And when you sit to complete, you end up writing all of the work again because the one you wrote previously is of no use. It is what happens with lazy photographers.

If you think that you can make a wrong photograph useful by editing it, you are probably wrong! It is right the editing enhances the photos but up to some extent.

5. Take Inspiration from Brands you Love:

Inspiration is always helpful. You must love a lot of brands. Try to figure out how you can apply their photography skills in your product.

For example, if you are operating a sunglasses brand for women, look at the Instagram of your favorite sunglasses brand for women. It will help you to get some fantastic tips for flawless photography. If your product appears useful on Instagram, people will more likely search for your product or brand. So it is essential to be on Instagram with some actionable product photography tips.


Customers always look for the fastest method to collect information as it is a time-saving shortcut to get to know the product from photographs. A good picture can create trust and transparency for your eCommerce store and testify to the quality of the product. By merely just following our tips, you can get all these things. You can save your time while optimizing the photo creation process by the information in this article.

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