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Every now and then I get a request if I can help someone with their design skills, how to start, where to start, how did I do it, etc… I once had the thought of becoming a designer, experimented a lot, started studying to become a designer and ended up being a Front-end developer (which I really love btw). So to all those questions my answer is almost always the same, I can help you with Front-end related stuff, but don’t do much designing myself anymore, so I am probably not the best teacher (but your still free to ask!)… I always point them to the Tuts+ network, cause they’ve a huge collection of articles and tutorials for almost every skill.

But recently I came across another interesting source. As you probably know almost weekly I share a series of Shutterstock photos from their lightboxes. Apparently, they also run Skillfeed which is, as they describe it “the easiest way to learn creative and technical skills at any time, on any device, from anywhere in the world.”

Skillfeed by Shutterstock

Costs are $19 a month, a reasonable price if you ask me, as you will get access to all their videos. But the good thing is that they offer a 14 day free trial period (Be aware, they request your credit card details and you need to stop the trial before the 14 days are over, if you decide not to use it any further. Personally I never like a company who does this kind of thing, but it’s up to you, they have some great stuff so…). Here is in short some of the skills they offer you:

Skillfeed by Shutterstock

I’ve clicked through some of the subjects and watched some videos. Photoshop is still the Adobe program I know the best, and I always like to improve my skills so I watched some of their videos. My biggest problem is that I like to learn more by reading than by watching, but for traveling these videos where ideal.

Skillfeed by Shutterstock

Anyway, you can always check them out for free and see for yourself. Wanting to do something informative this summer, create an account and you have the videos anywhere you go! And if you have any experience with Skillfeed, please share it in the comments!

Skillfeed by Shutterstock


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