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With a particular style and a very unconventional method of expressing his creativity, Nychos is an important member of the international street art movement. The Austrian illustrator/painter explores what is underneath humans and animals, revealing their beauty and complexity. Over the years he developed his graffiti methods working on huge murals, adding more details and colors to his skeletons in many cities around the world including Paris, Detroit, São Paulo, New York, Berlin, Vienna, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Hawaii, Copenhagen and Zurich.

For two years the urban artist was accompanied by filmmaker Christian Fisher, resulting in a documentary called “The Deepest Depths Of The Burrow” which captured the passion for graffiti from the varying perspectives of different artists.

How did you come up with your pseudonym? What does it mean?
Nychos originates from the name of a species of carnivorous dinosaurs: Deinonychus – this means ”terrible claw” in English. These dinosaurs, which are by the way closely related to the raptors you might know from Jurrassic Park, and me have quite a few similarities. For one thing, they are extremely fast. And for another thing, they have a claw, which looks like a sickle. Researchers assume, that they used their claws in order to slice open their pray and to get rid of all the intestines. When I paint, my hand is sort of that claw. Without all the killing, of course.

“Some street art is not meant to be in a gallery and it’s also hard to exhibit. It belongs on the street” Nychos (via viennawürstelstand.com)

In which cities did you find the best painting walls?
Since my very first visit, San Francisco has been treating me really well. Hooking up a wall has always worked out so far. You can tell that the people are motivated over here. At this point I need to shout out a big Thanks to San Francisco for welcoming me with such open arms.

by Nychos


by Nychos


by Nychos


A collective of graffiti painters (The Weird) is quite rare. How did you manage to combine different styles in the same work of art?
Working on collaborations is always different from working solo, that’s for sure. But you got to know that “The Weird” is reigned by a mutual brain of weirdness. Most of the time, we all have the same drive, which makes it easy to collaborate. This is indeed quite rare. I appreciate my crew a lot.

What are the dangers of street art? Is there any code of ethics?
Don’t go over somebody else’s piece. If you do, do it better.

by Nychos


by Nychos


by Nychos


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