An SEO Will Not Only Be an SEO from 2015

The search engine optimizers were responsible for driving organic traffic till today. But now, the job roles of a SEO will increase further. They will have to become more cross-functional now. Then what can be the revised job description of an SEO?

Digital Strategists:

The strategists will have to think over by analyzing all the data of the site. The strategies should not be limited to the keyword research or the updating activities of the title tags. It should include the overall strategy for the improvement of the site. The free SEO activities may include all the marketing aspects as well as the technical aspects.

Content Developer

Content is still the king. The site will not be able to grab an impressive position in the results of the search engine if the proper content is not present. So the job of an SEO will involve looking into the content part of the site. Even the job requirement of the non technical positions of the SEO demands for content writing skills. The writing skills cannot be taught, because the creative abilities of delivering the quality content must be natural.

User Experience

Years ago, the job of an SEO was to manipulate the algorithms and perform the spam activities just to improve the rank. But things have totally changed now. As the search engines are interested to see what the users want to see, the job role of an SEO have shifted. The page will only experience a huge organic traffic if it offers an excellent user experience. As Google is adding the mobile UX to the algorithm, this idea is getting much clearer from the speculation.

Creative Marketer

Before, it was pretty easy to obtain links. The SEO activities included article submissions, press release and the directory submissions. But now the job has become a little tough than the previous years. The optimizers should focus on the demands of the target audience instead of focusing on building links. The concept will now change to building things rather than building links. The things are those which can definitely be associated with the interests of the target audience.


The SEO activities cannot be done all by the optimizers themselves. So they will have to depend on other departments also. The job roles will include enlightening the other teams as well. In the next few years there will remain no limited activities that are right for SEO. As you know that SEO is not a magic trick, it requires hard work to fetch the organic traffic. Every bit of activity you perform online does have effect on the traffic. So, the optimizers should have an eye on every teams associated with online activities. They can only meet their goals if they can easily understand the activities of the other teams and their effect on the KPI (Key Performance Indicators). You have to peep in the works of the copywriting, creative team, the social media teams, and even the IT departments and make them understand about the overall activities and the job roles of an SEO.

So, we can see a great transformation in the job of the SEO professionals. The main aim will never shift. Attracting huge traffic and improving the ranks in the search engines should always be the bird’s eye. But the strategies are required to be revised and more diversified in nature. The responsibilities of the search engine professionals will surely increase from 2015.

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About the author

Michael Bentos is a well known SEO expert who believes that the free SEO activities will require changes in the next few years. In this article he is sharing his views about how the job roles of an SEO can be transformed.

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